Gender quotas have been adopted in more than one hundred countries around the world in recent years. While they are the subject of a growing literature, most existing work on these measures focuses on explaining their adoption and varied effects on the absolute numbers of women elected. Yet, quotas are often justified with reference to […]

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Hip hip implants. The high rates of

Hip replacement surgery has gone through tremendous evolution since the first procedure in 1840. In the past five decades the advances that have been made in technology, advanced and smart materials innovations, surgical techniques, robotic surgery and methods of fixations and sterilization, facilitated hip implants that undergo multiple design revolutions seeking the least problematic implants […]

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Personality our capacity, and to understand our environment

Personality development is a lifelong process, a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, and to set their goals in life in order to realise and maximize their potential. What was said is that early life and personality development within the family, at school, etc. can really help to shape us as an […]

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Thutmose (Gabriel 86). Instead of taking one of

Thutmose III, the sixth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty, and Ramses II, the third pharaoh of the nineteenth dynasty, were two of the most influential pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Having ruled for more than fifty-four and sixty-six years respectively, they had a significant impact on the political, military, economic and cultural life of Egyptians. While […]

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The addition, the results showed that about

The Application of GIS – Based Logistic Regression And Frequency Ratio Approaches For Landslide Susceptibility Assessment. A Case Study of Souk Ahras Region, N E Algeria. Fatna Mahdadi 1*, Abederrahmane Boumezbeur 2. 1 Geology and Environment Laboratory, Department of Geology, University of Constantine1, Constantine, Algeria. [email protected] 2 Department of Geology, Sciences Faculty, University of Tebessa, […]

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Concept of access in each geographical area, and

Concept of EQUITY Meaning: • Equity is the “fair” distribution of benefits across population. It is the absence of avoidable or remediable differences among group of peoples, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically or geographically. • Equity is the absence of inequity. Inequity refers to differences which are unnecessary and avoidable, but in […]

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Internet business communication and information connection around the

Internet usage in the Philippines has increased by 67 million through the past twelve (12) months, listing the Filipinos as one of the top internet users in the world (Camus, 2018). Likewise, internet addiction in adolescents has become an urgent issue in the health education (Greydanus, D., & Greydanus, M., 2012). “Internet disorder” is still […]

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The In the case of DAC, Nash “consulted

The case study ‘Desperate Air’ sees George Nash facing a dilemma characterized by ethical decision-making that managers and executives need to make in a business environment. The ethical issue relates to the disclosure of an environmental problem connected with the sale of a property for DAC, that could delay potential cash inflows needed for the […]

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BUAD the level of cash inflows and

BUAD 803: Principles of Accounting Registration Number: DP17MBA0967 The cash flow statement is a key accounting financial statement. In the cash flow statement sensitive information is shared to investors, shareholders, debtors and other business associates. The cash flow statement exposes the position and financial strength of a business. The cash flow statement, income statement and […]

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5105400-7905751013CCJ APA6. You may have either a reference

5105400-7905751013CCJ Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice Griffith College Trimester 1 2018 M. Mahoney Take Home Exam In what ways does the media misrepresent the nature of crime? Violent crime can be a source of concern in society, but is it the most frequently occurring type of crime? Is the risk of being a victim […]

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