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University Of Punjab Gujranwala Campus “Research Papers Summary” Submitted By: Fatima Azhar(BT15109) Maleeha Aftab(BT15113) Submitted To: Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Summary 1:An ontology-based personalized target advertisement system on interactive TV Different modified services from audience, as well as embattled advertisement services is facing enlarge of order from TV like IPTV. Then we introduced and developed a […]

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Detection is associated with the human listeriosis,

Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in ready to eat (RTE) samples of meat and chicken by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) and PCR Abstract The prevalence and genetic diversity of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat (RTE) meat and chicken (white meat) was studied in retail marketing of different supermarkets and open-air markets in Gorgan city, Iran. A total […]

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3.3 through a series of filters and

3.3 How water management systems work This part of the methodology aims to educate the reader on how the water management systems work and they will be integrated to the design of the future proposed development. 3.3.1 Rainwater Catchment systems 2658140157067 Rainwater Catchment is done by harvesting water that falls on the roof of a […]

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Now centre of practice Task 2 includes

Now a day we cannot think any danger and harm is happen to worker, staff, and colleague in the place of working. This is why there is some legislations, laws, policies, guidelines establish to save the people who are working under any hazardous or harmful condition. According to title of my Assignment of Health and […]

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On activated the audience and created a happy

On Thursday, Dec12 2015, the global stadium hosted The Safi Café performances. The shore was set to start at 2:00pm and ended late in the night. At first I saw it was going to be so boring with an endless waste of time until the group arrived and more fans streaming in. Thereafter, I and […]

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Volumetric of shells. E.g. (first row of

Volumetric Analysis Made Easy What is the basic structure? The basic structure of an atom consists many things. The three main things which makes up an atom are: Electron, Proton and an Outer shell for the electrons to orbit around Task 1A Outer shell Electron (-) Proton (+) Name of the element Atomic number Symbol […]

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To carried out on the specimens prepared

To achieve the objective of this study an experimental programme with small diameter cores to investigate the influence of various parameters was carried out to examine the results in relation to the recommended procedures was carried out. Three different concrete mixtures were produced. Ordinary Portland cement, natural aggregate, river sand were used in concrete mixtures. […]

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Introduction was the harm or loss caused

Introduction With regards to the common law duty of care, I’ll be assessing whether the stressful nature of some jobs can result in employers being made accountable for employee’s illnesses resulting from workplace stress. Stress can be defined as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them” […]

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Introduction of the drug and provide extended drug

Introduction What are dosage forms? Dosage forms which is also called unit doses is the physical form of a dose of a substance used as a drug or medication intended for consumption or administration route of a patient diagnosis or treatment of disease. The drug molecules are delivered to sites of action within the body […]

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Los decir, lo hacen con distintos objetivos planteados,

Los resultados de la implementación de una comunicación efectiva entre los individuos Introducción Hoy en día, la comunicación forma una parte imprescindible en las personas. Esta representa una manera de cubrir las diversas necesidades que tienen los humanos, tales como obtener respuestas, la necesidad de conocer personas, o el objetivo de querer dar a conocer […]

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