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Student name- Palak KhullarStudent no- 100590119Job dissatisfaction is rising day by day among employees in most of the companies.

This is the big issue for the companies because some of the employees are leaving the organization because of dissatisfaction. The present study says that the roles of fixed -term employment and perceived job insecurity in relation to an employee’s job attitude like job satisfaction, turnover intention and well-being like job exhaustion and work engagement. Job satisfaction can be signal for general mental well-being.

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If an employee is not happy at work it does not mean that he or she will be happy in general. This study focuses on the satisfaction of employees during their working time in the company. There can be many reasons for job dissatisfaction like personality, mood, emotions and genetics.

This study focuses on concept of job satisfaction and impact of job satisfaction on employee’s performance.Job satisfaction is the main central point for organization and industrial psychology. It is done at global level, overall job, and individual aspects. Individual satisfaction includes communication, appreciation, coworkers, organization conditions of job, promotion opportunities, nature of job and job security. There are different perceptions among different people in which job satisfaction has no particular explaination.

It depends on individual perception and feeling towards working place. The recent search tells the concept of individual responses of job satisfaction that involve multinational responses. These responses include behavioral and affective components. And it also reflects to the happiness in general persuade. Coginitve job satisfaction includes logical and objective evaluation.

It can either be one-sided, where it involves single job such as maternity leave, payments and multidimensional. Affective job satisfaction does not evaluate the extent of happiness that develops specific job, instead evaluates the degree to those faces that are perceived to be satisfied.The next component is the quality of person in working life and his issues that influence working experience and job satisfaction on wider perspective. Individual situations such as working stress, home-work interface and conditions of work. It also supervises the personal appreciation on job satisfaction or the degree of satisfaction in a job. Gender factors play important role in personal job satisfaction. Men have higher tendency of job satisfaction as compared to women. Women are believed to love their jobs if they perceive as important aspect of a good job.

Many people work with the hope that they will be paid good in the end. Therefore, they will not be satisfied with jobs where they are not getting good compensation for the work done. Other people seek for promotion for their career development. If they do not get promotion they keep on moving to other companies. The employee’s who are driven by passion are willing to work at even less amount of compensation. These types of employees are easier to work with and last in company for ling time.

This shows that expectations of people determine their satisfaction with the given job.People who are depressed get frustrated with anything even their jobs. Though they are given good compensation and opportunities they are still not satisfied because of stress. If they will stop thinking about their negative thoughts and start loving their jobs and be more productive then only they will be satisfied by their jobs. And, their embracing weaknesses can help them to be more productive. Employees get satisfaction when they change their expectations. They should be ready to settle at less or more compensation.

And at the same time start working for passion can bring some level of fulfillment which would be better decision in life. And when the employers help their employees to change their attitude towards work they also bring in a transformation to the work place.


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