Student doing good for our school, that’s why

Student Council Hi! I am Chloe Valencia, I want to be in 2018-19 student council to make our school a better place. I want to be in student council because, I want to make a difference in our community and our city. I am hard working, positive, a teambuilder, energetic, friendly, respectful, silly, and cheerful. I joined student council last year and the year before that. I joined student council at my old school (jefferson) because, I love to be part of afterschool activities and always love to challenge myself into being the best I can be. I would love to help our community anyway that I could. I was also the co-captain of the school. (like the vice president) I was in two plays at the Wichita Theater.

(Willy Wonka which i played an oompa loompa) (and Wizard of Oz when I played a munchkin) it was so much fun making new friends and putting a smile on peoples faces. I am only in 6th grade but I feel like that is old enough to conquer the world.Student Council needs a lot of motivation and positivity to keep doing good for our school, that’s why you need me I am a ball of smiles! I think that we

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