Stress classed as a stressor as it triggers

Stressis an ongoing problem that happens in everyone’s life. There are so many causesand effects of stress but only a few different ways to help manage and maintaina healthy life style. It is helpful sometimes, providing people with the extraenergy or alertness they need. The purpose of the third assessment was tofigure out our stress levels through a series of stressful events thatindividuals can experience, as well as how we cope with certain altercations.In my case I scored 252, which was close to the 300 or above rating mentionedfor high risk for developing a stress-related illness. I was not aware ofnumber of stressors that were affecting me. Any event which is physically ormentally demanding can be classed as a stressor as it triggers the stressresponse and throws the body out of balance. Major life events obviously occurfar less frequently than the daily stresses and strains we encounter.

Althoughstress is never considered to be a disease, it is highly associated withillnesses. The main causes of stress in a student’s life comefrom school, work, activities, friends, and family. There are two forms that itcomes in; acute stress, which lasts for a short period of time, and chronicstress, which is long-term stress. Examples of acute stress include conflictswith classmates, meeting deadlines for assignments, and transportation toschool. Examples of chronic are; repeated struggle in school,illness/disability, or an illogical fear (heights, bugs, etc). Although studentsbegin with acute stress, many tend to gradually feel overwhelmed, whichdevelops into chronic stress. The causes of stress come with bothinternal and external effects.

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It depends on the person, but the internaleffects include anxiety, irritability, and nervousness. External effectsinclude breathing faster, sweating, muscles tensing, dry mouth, keener senses,and lack of energy, headaches, and sickness.Althoughthere is really no real medicine for stress, there are certain actionsindividuals can take to improve their state of mind and body.

The person mustchange their thoughts, attitudes, feelings, communication, response, andcircumstances. Physically, an individual must eat healthy, get enough sleep(around eight to nine hours), and exercise. Students, for example, shouldremember to keep ideas into perspective and be optimistic. Surroundingthemselves with good friends, a good level of activities, and enough time toget school work done is essential. Each day stress builds up in a student’slife, which can be negative as this carries into their adulthood.

Exercise is agreat way to alleviate stress as it helps get people get their mind off theirproblems. Physical exercise includes jogging; walking, swimming,golf and etc. Following good diet habits also effective to dealing with stress.

An individual below stress is burning up energy at a faster pace than normal.The proper eating habits are extremely important.Stressis known to be an universal matter as al individual experiences it in one wayor another.

Although it is not a big topic of conversation as an illness, nottreating extreme levels of stress can have significant repercussions. Eustress canenergize and motivate us, directing our behavior in useful ways. However, inmost cases, the pressures on people are immense and most people find themselveshaving to find ways of coping with stressful situations in their everydaylives.


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