Stress environment, social interaction, major life events, daily hassles

Stress is a state of mental or
emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.
In other words stress is any uncomfortable “emotional experience
accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral
changes.” Stress is a very crucial topic regarding our daily life. It can
inimically affect our health in such a way either cause death or be a major contributor
to death. Stress is a common problem in everyone’s life. We cannot find a
single person who can claim that he is out of all sorts of stress. One of the difficulties
of stress is that people experience stress in different ways. Even sometimes we
don’t understand the reason behind our stress. However, we cannot avoid stress
but we can manage it to a limited scale. A stressed person has several changes
in his daily life. These changes may be emotional, physical or behavioral.
Emotional changes are depression, anxiety, frustration, panic, moodiness etc.
Physical changes are chest pain, rapid heartbeat, ulcer, high blood pressure
etc. Taking large amount of alcohol, isolation, sleeping too much or too
little, loss of sense of humor are the after effects of behavioral changes. The
sources of stress can be two types, one is external and the other one is
internal. Physical environment, social interaction, major life events, daily
hassles etc are counted as external stressors. On the other hand, lifestyle
choices, mind traps, personality traits, negative self-talk are included under
internal stressors. We can categorize stress in two types. One is distress and
the other one is eustress. Distress is known as the negative stress and it
occurs when our level of stress is too high or too low and our body and mind
begin to respond negatively to the stressors. Eustress is known as positive stress
and it helps us to motivate ourselves to complete a thing properly. Therefore,
we can say some stresses are good for our life. Learning about stress is very
important for our daily life. Because to lead a normal life we need to control
stress and to control stress we have to know about it deeply. From this topic I
learn a lot about stress. I hope that based on this learning I can manage to
control some of my stresses. Firstly I can now able to recognize my problems. This
is the most important part of stress management. Secondly, I have to avoid
those stressors which are mainly responsible for my stresses. There might be
some stressors which I cannot completely avoid but I can overcome by reframe
the problem. I will try to figure out every single positive point from any
worst scenario. I will try to stay calm in a difficult case and try to think
logically. To control stress we should do exercise. We should avoid smoking and
taking alcohol which may not be a great option to avoid overthinking about any
problem. At the end, stress is an expected component of life. Everybody has
stresses and some stresses are not bad at all. But when stress becomes too much
to handle, make a bad impact on our body and mind at that point we have to take
it carefully and try to overcome the stress.  



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