Stress exams, some of them modify or ask

Stress appears when a person identifies a disagreement between the substantial or psychological requirement of a situation and the source of their biological, psychological or social structure. The effect depends on different types of stress. For example, I have different types of friends who stress for their upcoming exams, some of them modify or ask the lecturer for help, whereas others say there are anxious about the exams. Eustress is a short-term stress, this kind of stress positively influence our activity, it expands our urgent strength.

Eustress affects people during times of being creative, imaginative, having interest and passion. The positive stress hells individuals to gain encouragement and an insight to get certain things done like, projects, tasks and innovative thinking. For example, my childhood friend used to play soccer, her stress would arise before playing a match. I enjoy rollercoasters even though for some people it’s distressing to even watch it.

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Distress is a negative stress that happens because our ordinary routine is continuing corrected or adapted when facing different situations and getting used to it, we tend to distress about it. Distress mostly happens when feeling discomfort, uncertainty, unawareness. For example, the placement I had to do was in an environment that was new to me and I couldn’t adjust in that situation yet and that caused me to distress.


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