Strengths: information by employees which has been

Strengths:* The main distinction of johnson and johnson’s and it’s rival is that, company has led to plentiful ingenious medical devices, pharmaceuticals and additional healthcare stocks.* Johnson and johnson’s have always made sure to accomplish the confidence of the customers in terms of reliability, quality and value.* Johnson and Johnson’s is very adaptive when it’s about market changes and trends, mainly aiming at entrepreneurship, issue resolving and innovations.* Allocates have always enhanced the company’s integrity like the most considered company and the best one to work with .

* International sales are the integral part to sustain sales growth . WEAKNESS:* Corporate greed as always been a part of the company’s growth.* Many protests against some of the products of the company ruined its reputation . (Pelvic mesh implants).* Depending on other industries for some certain commodities and drugs.

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* Leak of information by employees which has been a huge disaster in its workplace .OPPORTUNITIES:* Cross selling products is the cherry on the top of the cake . Cross selling between care giving and specific therapies is the best one among all .* Growth in revenue streams , territories expansion and addition assets result in strengthening the companies position.* Growth in market makes the company positioned first .* Ban on many generic medicines becomes a huge advantage to johnson and johnson’s.THREATS:•Approval by the administration is given more importance that customers acceptance .Where regulatory approval varies from place to place which worsen the situation more .* Asset recalls is a threat to the company.* Lower prices offered by the competitors is a threat to Johnson and Johnson.* Perception that U.S competition is more better and reliable than Johnson and Johnson in many assets , especially incase of protests about the side effects of some of the products.


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