Strategies evaluate and analyse some of the

Strategies can be defined as a system designed to put a solution to a problem either long time problem or short-term problem. Before you require strategies to improve outcomes in any circumstances that show that there is a problem or inadequacies that require a solution.

In this report I have explained, review, evaluate and analyse some of the problems or barriers in the outcome of the partnership in health and social care services. But in this aspect of the report, I am to devise strategies to improve outcomes for partnership working in health and social care services. In evaluating the possible outcome of partnership, we did mention some of the negative outcome or so-called barriers, with good strategies we can overturn some of the negative into positive. Some of the factors that affect the outcome of partnership working which needs to be improved are Communication, information sharing, consultation, negociation, models of empowerment, dealing with conflict just to mention but few.

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Communication: This can be in form of writing, creating a portfolio for the employee, speaking or watching through information technology i.e. television, internet etc. In the healthcare sector, there should be adequate information both to the service users and the employee. The service users should be given adequate information about their health, doctors should inform the service user at the right time if anything like surgical operation needs to be done. They should also give the service users opportunity to communicate back.

Organisations should develop an effective communication avenue so that proper and adequate information can speedily travel to the employee and vice versa. When there is good internal communication it affects the output so, therefore, this will avoid most of the confusion and misunderstandings that used to occur in healthcare sectors. Information sharing: Information leads to communication.

“Data Protection Act 1998 provides a framework to ensure that personal information about living individuals is shared appropriately”. Regarding the partners coming together, they must be honest and open in sharing information where and when appropriate and when sharing information they must keep a record of the decision and reasons for sharing it. Employee training: The employee should always be sent for different training that would make them be more effective at work. For example management training, basic knowledge of health and social care and IT training.

 Negociation: this simply means an agreement between two or more people. For example doctor and the patient must be on the same level of agreement during treatment discussion, the service user can express his or her view about a treatment if not sure or not happy with the decision, both the doctor and the service user can reach compromise and give another option that will be favourable if there is any. Model of empowerment: in empowering people both the service user and the service giver must be empowering. The employee should be able to make a decision for the organisation when necessary and the service user also must be able to make an inform choice.

 Conclusion In this report we discovered there is various philosophy in health and social care organisations, we see how partnership create a relationship between different sets of the organisation. The philosophy of working in partnership makes us see a different model of partnership, which were highlighted and explained in the report. We also discuss the potential barrier as part of the outcome of the partnership working. Finally, we discuss how we can improve on the negative outcome of partnership working in health and social care sector, proper and adequate communication were seen as one of the greatest weapon used in building the organisation.Many objections do rise when working in partnership in health and social organisation, but when these challenges arose the partners should nor run away from it but they should face it and use it as a stepping stone ahead.      


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