Stories then returned to the server division after

Stories of successful intrapreneurs1)Satya Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992 and since then shehas been associated with the company. While working closely with the companyfor such a long time, he worked on several schemes. He was introduced toMicrosoft in the server group. After that he worked in software division,online services, research and development, advertising platform, and thenreturned to the server division after becoming the head. He led cloudcomputing in Microsoft and played an important role in making the company oneof the world’s biggest cloud infrastructure.He served as a Senior Vice Presidentin the Online Services Division and as a Vice President in the MicrosoftBusiness Division. He was later made the president of the company’s 19 billionUS dollar ‘Service and Tools’ business. They changed the nature of thisdivision of the company.

He played an important role in bringing Microsoft’sdatabase, Windows Server and Developer Tools to Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.The profit of this division has increased from $ 16.6 billion in 2011 to US $20.3 billion in 2013. 2)Sundar Pichai of Indian origin has been madeGoogle’s new CEO. Born in 1972 in Chennai, the original name of the SundarPichai is Pichai Sundarajan.

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Sundar Pichai has taken his Bachelor degree fromIIT Kharagpur. He had achieved Silver Medal in his batch. In America, Sunder studiedMS in Stanford University and an MBA from Wharton University. Pichai was aSiebel Scholar in Pennsylvania University. Sundar Pichai joinedGoogle in 2004 and his entry was marked roll out of a free mail service calledG-mail. After joining Google Sundars first success came after Google hit aninfamous doomsday situation. Microsoft changed the default search engine inInternet explorer with their own search engine called Bing, in those daysduring 2006 almost everyone was using Internet Explorer.

He was in charge ofcoming up with a response. His solution, a Google toolbar which could beinstalled directly into anyone’s PC and browse. Later he soon started workingon other products such as Google gears and Google pack.  The success ofGoogle’s toolbar gave Pichai the idea of developing Googles very own browser.He shared his idea with his superiors but faced heavy criticism from the thenCEO Eric Schmidt who thought that making a browser will be very expensive.However Pichai was successful and convinced the co founders of google SergeyBrin and Larry Page to launch Googles very own browser.

Later he played apivotal role in the launch of the browser Google Chrome in 2008. It became ahuge success as it allowed its users to direcly access Google search engine.Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to become thenumber one browser in the world. After the gigantic success of Google Chrome hebecame an Internatinal figure for Google.Chrome also made way for otherproducts like Chrome OS,Chromebooks, and Chromecast.

From this idea, he came in the eyes ofGoogle founder Larry Page. From 2008 to 2013, the success of the Chromeoperating system under the leadership of Sundar Pichai was successful, andafter that, his name has become worldwide from the Android Market Place. Sundar has created Google Drive,Gmail App, Google Video Codec ,Chrome OS and Android Apps made it to the top ofGoogle.

In 2013 the Android division came under him and he also contributed tothe advancement of Google’s other business. Because of Pichai, Google has madeSamsung a partner. On August10,2015 he was revealed as the new CEO of Google. 


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