Still leave, and a fake and misappropriation examination

Still this has not prevented or stop the consequences ofcorruption and scandals towards the misuse of the common good.

The best exampleis the recent in Italy in 2013.1 Franzosowas working in the review unit of Ferrovie Nord Milano, an Italian opentransport organization and the nation’s second-biggest railroad organization,when he found that the then leader of the organization was utilizingorganization stores for individual. After directors inside Ferrovie Nord Milanodisregarded Franzoso’s report portraying the above extortion, he startedrecording discussions with his cell phone, which he turned over to the police.Because of his declaration, the organization’s leader was constrained leave,and a fake and misappropriation examination was opened. Franzoso was evaded,given an occupation with no real obligations and driven from the organization. Onthe other case, Kosovo failed to protect the whistleblowers. The currentlegitimate structure for assurance of whistleblowers is somewhat establishedquickly and all things considered does not escape from Kosovo’s orderly issueswith top down enactment that does not reflect societal esteems and did notdepend on an intensive strategy.

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In that capacity, the Law on Protection of whistleblowersisn’t inserted in Kosovo’s society, it has been instituted without aconsultative procedure in this manner the specialists and the society ingeneral neglect to comprehend it, not to mention appropriately execute it. Allthings considered, the declaration of the law could have served to tick anagenda of conditions set by the worldwide group for Kosovo, however it neglectsto serve its point, that is to ensure the whistleblowers. From the very termutilized as a part of Albanian dialect for whistleblowers that gives a negativeimplication, to the exceptionally restricted extent of the law and itsexpansive nature, to its inability to coordinate different laws in ensuring whistleblowers,the Law on Protection of Witnesses appears to have made just perplexity. Thedisappointment of specialists to take into record, utilize and additionallyexpand the arrangements of the law in the most striking instances ofwhistleblowing is a solid pointer


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