Step they are receiving what was promised in

Step 2A: SurveysEmployees:i. As an employee, are you being paid and allowed the benefits that was mentioned in your contract?This is asked in order to determine the compensation of the employee which can be the cause of distraction.ii. Is there any process of account review in the company? This is asked to identify the areas in which management is strong and/or weak, when it comes to the accounts of the employees, clients and management itself.

iii. What would you change to make the work environment more pleasurable and boost moral?This question will give the employees a sense of belonging and help find relevant solutions that’ll make the work environment more productive.Clients:i.

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On a scale from 0-10 (10 being the highest), are you satisfied with the Roanoke Branch team and the services provided to you? This is asked to determine if the company’s work output is up to the clients’ standards and if they are receiving what was promised in their contracts with the company.ii. Do you know anything of the current situation within the company? If yes, kindly state the situation in brief. This is asked to know if the clients are sensitive to the internal situation of the company.iii. Would you recommend us to others? Why or why not?This is asked to find out what is most vital to our clients and where we need to improve.

I also want to find out if our clients would tell others about us, and if not, what we can do to change that.


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