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Stem cells and creating brand new organs has turn into a massive area of ethical and moral issues stem cells can be used for good things. However it goes not in favour in religion. Stem cells in theory can be applied to create brand new organs in the body and treat various illnesses but to gather stem cells a bone from an animal is needed so it musts to be removed in any means necessary. Also people say that no one else but God would be capable in creating organs and it is not appropriate for humans to alter and modify the handwork of God
More than thirty people die while waiting for a donated organ every day worldwide. Animal organs have a virtually zero success rate when transplanted into humans. Not enough research has been carried out into the possibility of new viruses developing from animal to human organ transplantation. Although animal organs are dismissed on religious or animal rights grounds. Using animal organs rather than human organs is more easily justified because of the importance placed on human life.
Testing biological samples from families who show no signs of an illness or disease must be carried out with good preplanning. This method can help to avoid inherited diseases or inform the medical community early and provide useful data but the information given to people may be a misdiagnosis or develop a false sense of security. There is also concern that life insurance providers might gain access to this information and use it to deny some members of society access to life insurance cover.
It is argued that the transfer of genes from one type of cell to another, plant or animal, can create unknown health hazards which will continue through generations of the


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