Stella to give the titles of inspirational porn

Stella Young (RIP) opinioned on “Inspiration porn” that “Images of disabled people overcoming their disabilities or doing “extraordinary things”, usually objectifying the disabled people to make “non-disabled” people feel better about themselves and to “put things into perspective” (3:58, 4:98). Young’s objective is to rephrase disability as a norm and start valuing genuine achievement amongst “disabled people”.b.

) How can it be detrimental to people with disabilities?Ans. It might be detrimental to people with disabilities because the image of “Inspiration porn” makes shame people with disabilities. I believe that to give the titles of inspirational porn to any images, meme, video or feel-good article is sensationalizing and making them conscious of their disabilities which is disqualified by Stella Young or many more. In fact, disability is complex, and some cute picture with a heart-melting quote cannot sum up their social problems which are twofold: it cannot be assumed that disability is automatically equal hardship, or a tragedy that could be overcome, while it is an incorrect portray that disability can actually be overcome with a smile or a little bit of determination. And such pseudo-intellectualism terms should be reframed because it is diverting the attention of abled-bodied people from delivering the services they need as the words’ largest minority group.2.a.) What are your thoughts while watching the video?Ans.

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While watching the video, first thing I would appreciate that Stella Young was looking very pleasant. Stella displayed a beautiful smile and remained humorous throughout the talk in the video. It might be the reasons that she was luckily to accomplish a lot in her life and got the opportunities to progress along with her disability. I got a chance to watch a short documentary, “Examined Life – Judith Butler & Sunaura Taylor”, I observed a persistent sadness on Sunaura Taylor’s face and in her utterance, which reflected that something is missing, depreciated and deprived from her life, unlike Stella Young.It’s just all about our perceptions, opinions and reflections to anything. Young explained in detail that such porn can be an objectification but not inspirational when disabled people are not doing anything out of ordinary, but they are just doing something best of their capacities with their disabled bodies (6:04).

I think, even when one person feels uncomfortable with any images, meme, gesture, video or article that should be considered to rephrased to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Otherwise, I think we can say in this way that it is to make it realize to people of abled-bodies with disabled minds that if the physical disability cannot stop to progress and achieve their goals then they must try to do something better for their lives. Rather to me such ..


. porn turned to encouraging if not inspirational (word rejected) to bring awareness about social issues of individuals and the limits that hinder both abled and dis-abled bodies to do something or the motivation that can help them overcome the barriers by changing the mindsets. And then, the purpose would be perceived that we as society should be more acceptable to them and empathizing to extend the opportunities for them. b.) How has this video affected your perspective?Ans. This video, in fact deepened my understanding and affected my perspective in the way that Stella Young describes about how the message “inspirational porn” could be wrongly conveyed. Because such messages do not depict the social problems, such as the accessibility to limited resources for people with disabilities.

It is perceived that people with disabilities can do anything if they want. However, if we widened our views the, “Inspiration porn” is termed to describe the society’s tendency to reduce people with disabilities to objects of inspiration. Like the memes say, “the only disability in life is a bad attitude”. We should not forget that on what cost they are making something best of their capacities (6:51).

My concern is; do such memes, writings, quotes, images or video present what things are done for disabled people or the focus is put on what disabled people do or achieve? Considerably and sincerely, when we meet with a person with disability we should connect ourselves with them as a human.


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