STATEMENT organization. Hence this study has been

In current situation, organizations today are always searching for approaches to draw in clients by understanding their tendency. The changing business sector attributes cause changes in customer perception and choices of organization. Hence this study has been directed to determine the perceptions of the customers purchasing of hero motorcycles in Bangalore.

Primary objective
To understand the customers attitude towards the brand.

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Secondary objective
To determine the reasons behind the purchasing of hero motorcycles.

To determine the company’s aftersales service.

To determine whether the owners are satisfied with the performance of the motorcycle.

Research Design
I.Type of Design
Descriptive Research
II.Types of Data
•Primary data -survey
•Secondary data
III.Instrument for data collection
IV.Sampling frame
Clients who are Hero motorcycles
V.Sample region
Chosen regions in Bangalore.

VI.Sample size
VII.Sampling Method
Convenient sampling
VIII.Tools for Analysis
Percentage analysis
IX.Limitation of the Study.

The respondents are limited to 100.

The area is constrained to particular zones of Bangalore.

Restricted time of one and a half month.

Respondents might be biased in their responses.


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