Statement and representing everyday experience in quantity invited

Statement of Purpose
Mathematics has always been my passion from childhood. The study of numbers, approach to solving everyday problems and representing everyday experience in quantity invited me to delve further into this field. I completed my primary and secondary schooling with exceptional academic record and achieved the highest scores in Mathematics. This motivated me to take up Engineering as I wanted to solve real-life problems and develop economical solutions.

After my graduate studies in Engineering, I got an opportunity to work as a Business Intelligence (BI) Developer in a newly formed center of excellence team at Cognizant Technology Solutions. At Cognizant, after the initial training, I worked on desktop BI projects. Our projects roughly involved four stages
1. Requirement gathering
2. Understanding the data and designing
3. Development
4. Testing & defect resolution
While the job was interesting, it was not until I was involved in making proof of concepts (POCs) that I realized my love for data and its impact on making business decisions. Cognizant Hyderabad (India) had decided to penetrate into Mobile BI projects and had to create Mobile BI POCs for client demos. While understanding the business and the needs of the company, outlining the business requirements, building use cases and metrics, exploring data volumes and identifying patterns that merit deeper investigation and finally building a visually appealing dashboard; for the first time, I found the meaning in the data I was working on. The demos that my team developed were showcased to potential clients, which led to Cognizant bagging multiple projects in Mobile Business Intelligence. I was exposed to what happened on the other side before the development started and that was when I fell in love with analytics.

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This exposure influenced my approach towards designing Business Intelligence solutions in my future projects. For every dashboard I created, I would ask myself, “How will this meet the business need?”, “What changes could this bring into making effective decisions?”, “How will this time trend help me in making a decision if I am the CEO of this company?”. The analytical thought process, understanding business know-how, problem-solving with real-time data that I gained in my 2 years of work experience has been instrumental in my decision to choose my professional career path.
When I learned that Avinash Iragavarapu, an Indian Software Engineer, used analytics and big data to give accurate insights in understanding the tone of US public which played a crucial role in US presidential elections, I realized the kind of influence I can have in this world if I master analytics. In the coming decade of my career,I see myself as a game changer in the industry I choose to work in. I aspire to become the best detective of data, combing through reams of data in search of evidence, shedding light on the problem in hand and illuminating the bigger picture. Also as a woman, I would love to lead by example and inspire women to take up STEM courses, as we have been underrepresented in this field.
The one-year Business Analytics program offered by the University of Washington has a unique blend of courses, striking a perfect balance between business, statistics, and analytics which caters to my career needs. For someone who has worked in Analytics previously, I know the importance of having real-world work experience that facilitates valuable learning and skill development, which the course offers in the form of applied projects/labs. Based on my assessment through several sources, I find your university equipped with reputed faculty, exceptional career services and great campus culture. Additionally, the university is located close to Greater Seattle Area, which is being recognized as a tech hub. All these factors combined, gives me the advantage of having best opportunities to further my career in the field of analytics.

At work, I have only touched the surface of this ever-evolving field. I believe that this program will help me nurture my love for analytics and will further deepen my understanding of the subject while also improving my technical skills. I am also confident that my dedication, hard work, and strong will to achieve success will help me create a niche for myself in the areas of my interest. I hope to pursue a career in Analytics and eventually contribute significantly to the field that I work in.
Thank you very much for considering my application.


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