Standardized tools and techniques are common within the company’s operation where task assigned to staff are well executed with maximum output level. This report seeks to analyze the implication of Fredrick Taylor School of management theories and the impact on the overall operation.
“Scientific management theory is the application of industrial engineering principles to create a system where waste is avoided, the process and method of production is improved, and goods are fairly distributed” initiated by the pioneer Fredrick (Taylor, 1911). These theories are broken down into four general principle as success factors for production and quality management:
1. According to (Jones, 2008) Taylor “develop a science for each element of a man’s work which replaces the old rule of-thumb method”. This requires “Actively gathering, analyzing, and converting information to laws, rules, or even mathematical formulas for completing tasks” (Grimsley, n.d.). This theory is alive and fully functional within Perfumes Guyana. As mentioned earlier, each activity and task is accompanied by both softcopy and hard copy manuals. Each manual is easily accessible in designated areas to guide staff to carry out such task. There is minimum supervision from superiors and small room for mistakes. This theory allows staff to be accountable for their actions because if the systems are not practiced the results are poor performance which affects the company’s success. Systems are drafted by supervisor and reviewed by manager, these include steps for preparing and scanning orders, attending to customers, balancing off cashier even recording financials.


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