SSU 1043- INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL SCIENCEGroup Assignment (2)Group 11Nur Rahimi Bin Kalana67205Karen Kanching47143Yanching Anak Empurai54242Amos Anak Johnson 65424Nur Amani Najwa Binti Mohd Nazhir58939Rajaletchumi A/P Yeeramani54999Siti Hajar Binti Md Sani 53851Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u WHAT IS SOCIAL POLICIES PAGEREF _Toc531537046 h 3CONCEPT OF SOCIAL POLICY PAGEREF _Toc531537047 h 3THE CONCEPT OF SOCIAL POLICIES IN RELATION TO THE VIDEO /MOVIE (MILLION OF SINGLE CHINESE MEN DESPERATELY SEEKING A WIFE). PAGEREF _Toc531537048 h 4IMPACT OF SOCIAL POLICY TO SOCIETY PAGEREF _Toc531537049 h 6WHAT TYPES OF SOCIAL POLICIES IN RELATION TO SOCIAL CHANGES? PAGEREF _Toc531537050 h 8BEST AND POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGES PAGEREF _Toc531537051 h 9CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc531537052 h 10REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc531537053 h 11Adrian L. James & Kate Wilson (21 January 2008) , “Marriage, social policy and social work” PAGEREF _Toc531537054 h 11WHAT IS SOCIAL POLICIESSocial policies are concerned with the ways societies across the world meet human needs. Such as security, education, work, health and wellbeing. Addressing how states and societies respond to global challenge of social, demographic and economic change, of the poverty, immigration and globalization. The national governments, the family, civil society, the market, and international organization in providing services and support across the life course from childhood to old age analyses the different roles in social policy.

These are supports and services include child and family support, schooling and education, housing and neighbourhood renewal, income maintenance and poverty reduction, employment support and training, pensions, health and social care. Aims of social policy is to identify and find ways of reducing inequalities in access to services and support between social groups defined by socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, migration status, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and rage, between countries.CONCEPT OF SOCIAL POLICYWelfare state and study of social services an example of social policy usually a governmental or political setting. As a person’s quality of life, social policy consists of guidelines, principles and legislation and activities that affect the living conditions conducive to human welfare.The London School of Economics defines social policy as an interdisciplinary and applied subject concern which analysis of societies responses to social need. It also seeks to foster in a capacity to understand theory and evidence drawn from a wide range of social science disciplines.

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Those are including economics, sociology, psychology, geography, history, law, philosophy and political science.THE CONCEPT OF SOCIAL POLICIES IN RELATION TO THE VIDEO /MOVIE (MILLION OF SINGLE CHINESE MEN DESPERATELY SEEKING A WIFE).Millions of single Chinese men seeking for wife video related with The Adoption Act 2002Social policy contains guidelines, principles, legalization and activities that affect people. Social policy more related with human need such as education, security, protection, health, welfare, wellbeing, economy and global changes. Mainly in this video we are focused into social policy which is government setting.Discussion On VideoNowadays people went to have one child. They think it is safe and they can be happy.

It makes some man not interest in marriage anymore. They want marriage complete with sexual interaction and loyal wife. Single man looking for the best life partner. On 7.58 minutes in video, a man said he waiting for best relationship. After he saw many relations made and broken. Many men s also not trust women fully. Because of some women expectation and disloyal make single men kept step away from them.

On 11.28 on video a man said him girlfriend broken up. After that he unable find a girl in life. He failed the feel on girls. Men lost his wife and search everywhere, and she is going with other man.

On 22.34s women go with another man because of she found a better than her husband. In this video, we are more likely social policy is changing time to time. Last time in a family there are 10-12 child are born. Now it decreases in two or one child in family. Nowadays there are many women than men. The concept that I will discuss in relation of this video is The Adoption Act 2002.

In 2005, under New Labour, the law on adoption changed, giving unmarried couples, including gay couples, the right to adopt on the same basis as married couples. This includes a woman who refuse to get married but in the same time can have a child. These women will think their id no need for them to get married while they can have an adopted child. This causes a lot of man desperately want to find a wife like in the video. Also, woman nowadays majority are having a good career compare to a man. They think they don’t need a husband to support their life and expenses. Many of woman nowadays chose to stay single while living their career. This can cause such a problem where man cannot find a wife.

The total of woman who want to depends on husband are decreasing.IMPACT OF SOCIAL POLICY TO SOCIETYTo begin, social policies are made to help people who can benefit from them, at the same time the country benefits from helping them. These people are mainly those who have problems with education, health, housing and economic wellbeing. In other words, the three main areas that is wellbeing, welfare and poverty reduction.Social policy really affects the society. But not every social policies gives a positive impact to society. Sometime it also can give a negative effect.

Its depend to what kind of social policy that they’re having in their country.. The positive impacts of social policies to society are many. Generally, it protects the rights of people in the society. Social policy promotes human welfare so that they have a better quality of life. For example, in Islam, we have to pay for Zakat for those who are affordable.

The Zakat will be used to help the other person out there that need it. Such as the poor person and orphan. This kind of policy can help us to reduce the rate of poverty that we have in this world. Indirectly it can help to stable the economy of our country.Other example is, there are social policies which protects lone or single parents. The mother will receive social benefits to care for her child as she has to support her child on her own if no support is given. In other words, social policy helps to protect, maintain and reduce people suffering from poverty or lacking in any of their economic needs.

Without social policy, many people in the society would suffer because of oppression. So social policy acts in a way that seems similar to rules and regulations which maintains the peace within the society and nation.Besides that, the social policy also can help us to be prepared to face the challenge in the future.

One of the social policy that help us to promote readiness is the universal public education. This will help us and the younger generations to have the visual of what are they going to face in the future. The world nowadays getting tougher and trickier from time to time. This become very important when it comes to compete with the other people over the world to be employed. So they need to be fully prepared both in term of physical and mental.However, social policy like many other rules and regulations implemented by the government has its pros and cons. If social policies are not properly thought off before it is implemented into the society. It will create problems such as a riot within the community due to reasons such as unfairness or no equality.

For example, since social policy aims for equality between men and women. Proper social policies must be set to ensure that no gender is above the other.As we know, social policy were created to serve a peace, instead some of the social policy can causes the crime to be happen easily .

Such as ,giving the legal status of guns ,recreational drugs ,and prostitution .Where we can found that prostitution and person with a gun is just a normal thing to be seen in that society .This kind of thing can bring to injury and uncomfortable feeling .Cause anything can happen .Hence ,the society will feel insecure anytime and everywhere they go .

Because there has high possibility crime to be happen to them.WHAT TYPES OF SOCIAL POLICIES IN RELATION TO SOCIAL CHANGES?The most obviously changes of social policy related to social changes is demography. Demography is anxious with the size and composition of human population. The social composition of a society is closely related with the changes in the size, composition and distribution of population. The size of the population is based mainly upon three factors—birth rate, death rate and migration (immigration and emigration).Then, such a change can have consequences for the structure of family, kinship, political and other institutions. The size of population affects each of us quite personally.

Whether we are born into a growing or a shrinking population has a bearing on our education, the age at which we marry our ability to get a job, the taxes we pay and many other factors. In other hand, the population growth is the most important factor in poverty. However, sex imbalance affects the form of marriage in certain country. As an example, in China, whereby the nations of large population in the world but the man in this country face a problem of find a woman to marry. This was the consequences of their nation policy which one family. As a solution of that, their government have allowed the society to have a second children started in 1 January 2016 to imbalance the sex among the community. Next, is related to the change in policy of economy. Economic is the most far-reaching impact of industrialisation.

It has revolutionised the whole way of life, institutions, organisations and community life. In traditional production systems, levels of production were fairly static since they were geared to habitual, customary needs. Modern industrial capitalism promotes the constant revision of the technology of production, a process into which science is increasingly drawn. Example, the impact of industrialisation (science and technology) we can easily see on Indian family system (joint family) and caste system. (For detailed analysis of the influence of economic factor, see Marx’s views discussed in Economic Theory of Social Change).

BEST AND POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGESSocial changes can be defined as any modifications in the established patterns of inter-humans of inter-human relationship and standard of conduct. It contains various aspects such as cultural, political, economic, religious, demographic and technological.A positive social change can lead to an improvement of human and social conditions and within the betterment of society.

The changes may occur in several levels, as well as people, families, communities, organizations and governments. Ideas and actions with real-world implications is the key for the positive social changes.Education can create the best and positive social change since education hold an important role within the society. School, college and university are agents of socialization where students interact with each other by learning social skills. Lecturer and teacher acquaint students with the social, moral, and cultural values of society through activities, games, and storytelling. As a result, the students will know about their system of state, its constitution, and its history.

Education make the students awake to the right of voters and imbues them with a way of civic responsibility. Lessons concerning public figures and leaders can help students to develop leadership qualities and evoke them to become future leaders.The Former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, wrote, “The education system in any country is a point of contact between governments and their citizens.

An education system is explicitly well positioned on having a positive impact on society whereas the goals and needs of a society are reflected in this system as well.CONCLUSIONSocial policy aims to improve human welfare and to meet human needs for education, health, housing and economic security. Wellbeing and welfare, poverty reduction, social security, justice, unemployment insurance, living conditions, animal rights, pensions, health care, social housing, family policy, social care, child protection, social exclusion, educational policy, crime and criminal justice, urban development, and labour issues are another important areas of social policy.REFERENCESAdrian L.

James & Kate Wilson (21 January 2008) , “Marriage, social policy and social work”Retrieved from,, A. (2017, August 15), AFRICAELI. Education and Positive Social Change Retrieved from, Lucinda Platt,” What is social policy? International, interdisciplinary and applied”Retrieved from, policyRetrieved from, , P (2018), Welfare and society, An introduction to Social Policy,Retrieved from, 4 factors that impact social policy Retrieve from,


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