Special conscious, and dedicate to ensuring an

Special Needs Welfare Business Plan – Executive Summary
Tara Welfare will be a licensed special needs welfare facility that will be located at Mirpur of Dhaka city. The area has many special children but very few welfare or schooling services to accommodate them. The welfare foundation will be renovated gorgeously and according to the comfort and needs of the special children who we will be looking after while the parents go out to work.

We are set to remain health conscious, and dedicate to ensuring an organization culture that promotes nurturing and love for special children. We will be deep-rooted in our organizational culture and maintain the rules and regulations in place thoroughly. We will ensure to be equipped with proper equipment and services to provide the utmost comfort for the special children. It will be devoted to providing service to an area that currently has very little in the way of service for the special children and their development.

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Tara Welfare will be equipped with everything that will make life comfortable for people with special needs. We will also be adorned with equipment such as bouncy balls, Legos, puzzles, paints, papers, musical instruments that can help develop quality of life attributes among the special children.

Tara Welfare will be open 9 hours in a day during week days from 8 am to 5 pm. This is to ensure the accommodation of the parents’ special children during their average office hours. We will also take into account the time that will take to reach the school due to the traffic in Dhaka city. This is why we will also recruit enough staff to run shift amongst our workforce if necessary.

A special needs welfare facility is a facility designed to look after special children. It should consist of a well-furnished place with beddings, furniture and other quality necessities that is required for the comfort of the welfare visitors and will also create a beautiful environment where special children can easily play around and be groomed. Babysitting special needs children are overwhelming tasks. It is very physically tasking and can be the equivalent of a full day job. Operators in the day care require the tuition fee from the parents of the students to lead their life. On top of that, we will also be taking in funding from government and Parents Forum. We can also do a collaboration with Parents Forum and create a collaborative approach to get children to higher level of quality of life training when they reach adulthood.

The day care industry for autistic children saw a huge rise during the 90s as parents were more aware and cautious of their children’s cognitive growth. But due to the economic downturn the growth slowed down as many families were not able to bear the cost required to properly take care of their children with special needs.

Welfare services for special children are very important, especially in this day and age. With the increase of working mothers, it is essential for their children to be under the supervision of someone. It is even more necessary to ensure the safety of special children. At the same time this welfare can also provide a form of schooling for special children that will help them develop their quality of life skills. These are required to help them adapt to and be a contributive member of the society, or just simply help them lead a better life.

During the first five or so years slow disposable income growth combined with government’s tight profit margin will generate tight profit. The revenue growth however will improve in the coming five years but high cost of welfare maintenance will still cut down on the short profit margin.

The school will be situated at Mirpur and operate on a niche demographic. The entry barrier for the school is not high, and there are even less entry barriers for a baby-sitter position. There are very few government regulations in place to deter a would be babysitter from doing his/her job. However, the regulations might start growing as we go from a start up to a medium sized company.
Capital investments to build an infrastructure for the establishment is not highly demanding and is not a major barrier at entrance. However, professional care givers are an important part of the service and must be picked with care and caution. Finding professional caregivers can be a high entry point barrier. The industry is also heavily regulated by the government to ensure top of the line service. So we must ensure that we are abiding by all the regulation set up by the government on this matter and we should also talk and discuss with parents’ forum to help with the licenses and regulations.

Despite not being a developed country, Bangladesh government is working hard to ensure the rights of special children and their safety. So we are likely to get patronage and co-operation for a welfare school that provides top of the line service.
Vision Statement:
Our Vision is to help special children in leading a more independent and comfortable life.

Mission Statement:
Tara Welfare is looking to provide top of the line grooming for special children. We aim to help them achieve some quality of life skills that they can use their life more comfortable or even become a contributing member of a society. We offer proper security for them while the parents are away to work. We will also groom special talents among these children which they have the knack for.

Our Services:
Tara Welfare is set to operate a standard special needs welfare facility in Mirpur. We are here to provide excellent services to the parents and their children. We would love to see the children grow up and become more independent while the parents can rest easy while the children are with us. We will provide top of the line services and ensure facilities of welfare that will set the standard in the industry
These are the services that Tara Welfare will be offering;
A children daycare for special children
Provide preschool programs and grooming
Nursing and supervision
Assist and develop quality of life skills
Personally assist special children
Our Business Team Structure:
Tara Welfare will be built on a solid foundation. We will only be recruiting experienced and qualified personnel as the caregivers. We will follow the regulation and standard set by the government to ensure quality service.

We will not only be looking into hiring simply professionals they must also have certain other qualities such as homely, honest, customer centric and are ready to work to help build a business that will help all aspects of stakeholders.

These are the positions that will be available at Tara Welfare;
Admin and Human resource
Marketing Executive
Roles and Responsibilities of the Team:
Admin and HR Manager:
Oversees the structural integrity of the business
Sets and keeps the standards in check
Oversees the other sectors in the foundation
Keeps track of the operations and employees
Ensures quality both in the operations and in selection of professional and qualified employees.

Maintain the operations of the welfare foundation
Takes responsibility of the children
Grooms them
Cares for them
Helps them in learning materials
Keeps track of their psychological well being
Helps them relieve stress and anxiety
Helps keep their psychological conditions stable
Monitors the children and their activity
Ensures health and safety of the children
Keeps records of the children and their development
Assists the children in their activities
Provides counseling and therapy
Provides physiotherapy for the children
Assists in the physiological development of the children
Develops the sensory functionalities of the children
Assists in providing comfort to children
Assists in improving the daily activities of a children
Enhances the interaction of children with daily life activities
Helps provide necessary relaxant and physiotherapy
Marketing and Sales Executive:
Reaches out and identifies new clients
Create new plans and strategies keeping all the stakeholders in mind
Keeps track of the customer inputs
Keeps track of the output potential
Documents the communication between the customers
Explain the service to target audience
Generate interest and awareness in helping to develop special children to their fullest capabilities
Keeps track of the financial activities
Conducts the financial transaction
Creates the financial reports
Provides budget
Provides Financial insights
Develops new strategies and revenue models to ensure financial stability
Ensure financial feasibility
Cleans the facility
Keeps the environment of the facility intact
Ensures a healthy and comfortable environment for the special children
Maintains the atmosphere and environment of the facility
Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis:
Tara Welfare is set to become one of the leading welfare foundation for special children in the Mirpur area. But in order to do that we also have to ensure that we follow the due procedure to back up our claim and see what strengths we can take advantage of, what weaknesses we can look forward to develop on, what opportunities lies ahead and what threats we wish to mitigate.

A list of the strengths and weaknesses of Tara welfare are provided below;
Well qualified team
Up to date facilities
Longer service hours than our contemporaries
Professional and qualified caregivers
Provide grooming for quality of life training and not just educational grooming
New business
May not have the financial muscle to stand on its own two feet
Building trust in a new high end facility for special children
Political:Our Government is highly involved in the welfare of special children. They even have rules and regulations set to ensure the rights of special children and they are provided special care all sectors.

Economic:Government is funding many welfare facilities. Parents are willing to pay more for better service but would prefer cheaper services to be placed. Parents’ forum is also helping different facilities
Social:Social awareness for special children are continuously being developed and as a result parents are more willing to entrust the welfare foundations to groom their children into leading a more independent and comfortable life
Technology:Technological advances can be used to properly sustain and make the facility more cost effective. It can also ensure a better and quality security of special children under our care
Environment:Acceptance is a huge part of fostering growth among special children. At the moment the awareness for special children are very high which will enforce us to provide quality service
Legal:The government has put up various laws and regulation to maintain the rights of the special children. As such any foundation looking to work with special children must be prepared to work and abide by these regulations.

Government is willing to develop this sector
There are other foundations helping enrich and provide facilities
Awareness of special children and their needs are already under development
There are proper guidelines to look at and follow
Technology are there to make the venture more cost effective
Economic downturn
Not finding skilled employees
Profit orientation instead of human development orientation nature of admins and staff
Feasibility:Looking at the opportunities and threats presented, it is very feasible to establish a welfare foundation that dedicates itself to looking after special children. There are demands for better services among the customers and awareness among the society for the betterment of the special children. While financial backings can be a hard mountain to cross for establishing a start up such as this, but with the government fully on board to developing necessary establishments for the rights of the special children and more than enough organizations providing backing and funding, the start up seems very feasible as a social business looking to provide comfort and a better life for the special children.

Market Analysis:
Market Trends:
There are other facilities that are also targeting to provide special children with welfare facilities. There are some noticeable trends among our peers. The trends are as followed
The foundations are structured more like a school instead of a professional care service. As a result, they tend to follow regular trends that can be seen in educational institutions instead of creating proper and dedicated services targeted towards special children
The facilities provide service from morning till noon. As a result, parents who have work hours tend not be benefited from the services offered.

They do not employ proper and qualified caregivers. They are more profit oriented business instead of human development focused. This makes sustaining and breaking even their priority
Target Market:
We are targeting the special needs children that are located around Mirpur area. We hope to attract the attention of working parents who will be highly benefited by our service and care. We also look to target special children to develop their skill sets to make their lives more comfortable.

Competitive Advantage:
Competition is a must for a business to develop and improve in their ways. As of now going by the trends that can be seen in the local market that provide facilities for special children’s welfare, we can device the following competitive advantages for us:
Caregiving Foundation:
We are looking to structure our foundation as a more of a caregiver foundation than a regular school. It is a place where special children can come and find comfort in staying and playing. At the same time while they are having fun we will also try to find out ways to develop them and their capabilities. We will help them to develop different skills that will help them in their lives
Longer Service Hours:
Due to most foundations functioning like a school, they are not open after 12pm to 1:30pm. We will be providing longer service period up to 5 pm so that parents who are part of the work force can do their job at peace and then come to pick their children up. We will also provide shift duties to accommodate the welfare of our caregivers and ensure that the children are being taken care of properly.

Human Factor Orientation:
Most facilities are profit driven and they tend to shut down if they do not make a good profit. We will be looking to run on a low profit margin and be more Human Factor oriented. We will look to developing the capabilities of the special children first and foremost. We will ensure that our top priority is to help the children gain a more independent and comfortable life as they grow up under our grooming. Profit making will only be our purpose in order to sustain the business, not our primary objective
Sales and Marketing Strategy:
Sources of Income:
Tara Welfare will provide services in order to generate revenue. We will be providing the following services for our customer in exchange of a sum of money
Provide grooming facilities
Provide security of the children
Provide daycare facilities
Provide self-improvement works
Provide a healthy and sound environment for the children to play, spend time and develop
Sales Forecast
We have placed our facility at Mirpur where little welfare services are available for special children. With our competitive advantage through provided service, we are hoping to attract many customers.

We will be charging 10,000 per month as an enrollment to the service deal from consumers. The fee is to enroll and facilitate the children. We will also be procuring funding from the Government if necessary and have help from organizations working towards the same goal such as Parents Forum. We forecast that our sales for the first three years will be as followed with consideration that we do not face an economic meltdown:
First Year: 12,00,000tk From Self – Pay Clients; 8,00,000 takas from funding and grants
Second Year: 18,00,000tk From Self – Pay Clients; 4,00,000 takas from funding and grants
Third Year: 24,00,000tk From Self – Pay Clients; 2,00,000 takas from funding and grants
We are looking to become a company that is self-sufficient in their financial backings and can grow from their own cash flows. As such, we will be reducing the government and other funding as the years pass and start sustaining ourselves.

Sales Strategy:
Tara welfare will look to create a sales strategy that will be beneficial for all the stake holders involved in the transaction. It is to ensure that we do not have a lot of customer turn over and we are not financial sustainable enough to keep up our business to serve the special children. For this we will be looking into the following factors:
Create an affordable pricing strategy
Develop a personal relationship with the consumers
Create a long-term plan
Develop the human factor of the business instead of only the financial factors
Have a well-qualified and knowledgeable work force
Motivate and inspire the employees and in turn the consumers
Provide proper safety and care for the special children
Marketing Strategy:
Despite a benevolent idea for a business, a business must promote itself. If it cannot get their service out for the public than it does not matter how benevolent of a service, they are providing. It will be a lost cause and do no one any good. Our marketing strategy must show all the advantage we have and what services we are willing to provide. Our Marketing strategies must be honest in promoting our service. If we are not truthful about the service we are providing, the backlash will cause more problems for us and the entire community at large. Thus we must employ the following marketing methods if we are to promote our service:
Place advertisements on prints and community newspaper
Make billboards advertisements to catch more attention
Promote the human factor of the service
Promote the quality of service
Promote the service hours to take full competitive advantage
Create goodwill among people
Pricing Strategy:
Tara Welfare aims to provide an affordable pricing strategy for the consumers at the same time retaining the sustainable business model.

We will charge 10,000 takas as a monthly fee for the care of special children. We will also give them trial periods for them to figure out if they like our services or not. The pricing strategy are made kept in mind that both of the stakeholders wellbeing in mind.

While keeping the pricing strategy in mind, we will also be accepting funds from any reputed organizations along with helping hand from the government grants accumulated for special children.

Payment Options:
The payment options will be all inclusive. We are doing this because different consumers prefer different methods of payment. This will help open the opportunities to provide personalized services for different payment option.

The payment options are as follows:
Cash Payments
Credit card payment
Online Payment
BKash Payment
Check Payment
We have chosen the following methods to ensure that our consumers do not have to stress with their payment and can focus on the service we are providing
Startup Expenditure/Budget:
Starting a welfare foundation for special needs children is not cheap and requires a lot investment and hard work. As such, it is good to create a budget in advance so that finances do not be hampered while establishing the foundation.

Money is required for proper accommodation for the children and the teachers during their work hours, it is also necessary to create a sustainable facility and proper infrastructure, we also need money to sustain the employees. That is why we must create a budget to make the startup work and have knowledge of the expenditures that come with establishing the startup.

The items listed below are the basics that we would need when starting our special needs day care services business in the United States;
The Total Fee for Registering the Business – 13,275 taka
Trade license – 3000 taka
Marketing expenditure – 60,000 taka
Consultant fees – 70,000 taka
Cost of furniture and utilities – 3,21,000 taka
Cost of building and/or remodeling the infrastructure – 1,50,000 taka
Rent – 40,000 taka
Startup inventory – 3,00,000 taka
Launching a website – 8,000 taka
First 4-month operational cost – 4,00,000 taka
Storage Hardware (bins, racks, shelves etc.) – 3,20,000 taka
Miscellaneous – 25,000 taka
We are expecting a total expenditure of nearly 19,00,000 taka including all the taxes that’ll be required to pay for establishing a well-structured and proper foundation for the accommodation and grooming of special children.

Generating Startup Capital:
Tara Welfare is going to be social business that will earn its income from paying customers and other funding and grants. For the startup we need to generate capital to get Tara Welfare’s balls rolling. Some of the ways we can generate startup capital for Tara Welfare are as follows-
Generate part of the startup capital from personal savings
Source for soft loans from family members and friends
Apply for loan from my Bank
Sustainability and Expansion Strategy:
The future of a business relies on how many loyal customers a business can accumulate and how much quality they can provide in their services. As a welfare for special children providing a quality service for them is a must.

If we want to keep providing quality service, we will also need to sustain the business. Tara foundation looks to sustain itself from its own cash flows. We intend to take in funding and grants from other companies and government but we target to slowly stop receiving funds for sustainability and become a self-reliant business.

We are already using our institution to groom special children and take care of them. We are also aiming to help special children gain more quality of life skillsets and helping them lead a more comfortable life in the society. For expansion of the business we could look into partnering up with Parents forum. Parents forum looks after special adult and provides them with the opportunity to develop special skill sets that they can use to become a contributing member of the society and also enable them to get proper paying jobs as well. We can develop the sensory and other related skills for the children when they are young until they become a member of parents’ forum where they can learn new skill sets that can benefit them in the future.


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