Spanish anything said in Spanish will sound passionate.

Spanish Love Words Couples build strong relationships by communicating their feelings effectively and making sure that their lovers at all times know just how much they mean to them.

   Therefore, choosing a romantic language wouldn’t be a bad place to start when you want to let your significant other know just how you feel about them. Spanish is one of the most romantic languages. Almost anything said in Spanish will sound passionate. Anything your lover says to you, whether in a whisper or in a few lines in a message always sounds better and refreshing whenever it is punctuated by a few Spanish words.    There are countless Spanish love words that can help you spice up your messages to your lover or spouse. Choosing the best at all times always guarantees a superb love life.   However, before you rush out and find your Spanish dictionary, to put words together, it is important to understand that simply putting your favorite phrase in front of another one may not necessarily mean that the words will communicate what you want to say.  If certain words are not used in the correct context, they may change the meaning of the message completely.

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A phrase may end up simply saying ‘I have feelings for you’, when you really intended it to say ‘I love you’, or vice versa.  Therefore, if you’re looking to express your love to your significant other through a short romantic message or if you simply need to rejuvenate your love life with a pet name, you don’t need to worry. Here are some of the best Spanish love words to help you along.  It would also be worth noting that you will get the best results with these romantic words when you use them at the correct time.

   Spanish Romantic Words  Whether you want to keep your message short and sweet, or go deeper and let your lover have an even deeper look into your heart, you will find something that will make you smile here.  The following is a list of some of the best and most memorable Spanish romantic words you can choose from.  Spanish: Te quiero.  English Translation: I love you.  As is the case in its English translation, this word is used between couples who are in a committed relationship.  Spanish: Eres el amor de mi vida  English Translation: You are the love of my life This is used by couples who are in a serious relationship such as marriage.  Spanish: Besarte es Como ver las estrellas. English Translation: kissing you is like seeing stars This is mainly used by young couples or couples in a young growing relationship.

  Spanish: Eres perfecta para mí. English Translation: You are perfect for me. Can be used by any lovers to show that they are meant for each other.  Spanish: Tu eres mi alma gemela  English Translation: You are my soulmate You can equally use this phrase to let your lover know that they are the one for you.   Spanish: Eres divina.

 English Translation: You are divine. If you are a man, you can use this to show your lady that you adore her.   Spanish: Voy a soñar contigo. English Translation: I will be dreaming of you. This phrase is mostly common among young couples.   Spanish: Estoy loco por ti. English Translation: I’m crazy about you. This is perfect for when you see something new in your lover that you hadn’t noticed before; something that makes you appreciate them even more.

    Spanish: Estoy desesperadamente enamorado de ti English Translation: I’m desperately in love with you Say this to your lover to let them know that you are nothing without them.    Spanish: Tienes una sonrisa muy hermosa. English Translation: You have a very beautiful smile. This is mainly used by men, especially when out on a date with their girlfriends.   Spanish: No puedo esperar para volver a verte English Translation: I can’t wait to see you A favorite among lovers who have been apart for a while and are about to meet.    Spanish: Me haces mucha falta. English Translation: I miss you a lot. Used mostly used by young couples when they have to spend time apart.

    Spanish: Desearia que estuvieras aqui conmigo.  English Translation: I wish you were here with me. Use these love words to show how much you long for your significant other.    Spanish: He estado pensando en ti. English Translation: I’ve been thinking about you. This is popular among lovers in a young relationship    Spanish: Soy feliz de compartir cada instante de mi vida a tu lado. English Translation: I’m happy to share every moment of my life with you. This is used by lovers in a serious relationship, such as marriage, to show how much they appreciate each other.

    Spanish: Te amo mucho.  English Translation: I love you very much. This phrase is generally used by couples who are engaged or married.

    Spanish: Eres mi todo. English Translation: You are my everything. An excellent love phrase for any couple.    Spanish: Eres el amor de mi vida. English Translation: You are the love of my life. This is very common among married couples.

    Spanish: Te quiero con todo mi alma. English Translation: I love you with all my soul. This too is quite common among couples in a long term relationship.    Spanish: Cada día te amo más y más. English Translation: Each day I love you more and more. This is usually common among couples who have been married for a couple of years.    Spanish: Estoy enamorado de ti. English Translation: I’m in love with you.

 This is mostly used by couples who are engaged.    Spanish: Solo puedo pensar en ti. English Translation: I can only think of you. A popular love phrase that can be used by either the man or the lady when they are still dating.

Use these words to remind your lover what he or she means to you.    Spanish: Cada hora que paso contigo me parece un segundo.  English Translation: Every hour that I spend with you seems like a second. This is again an excellent phrase for a young couple that is still dating. This phrase shows your lover that you enjoy every moment you spend with them. When you are with them time flies.      Flirting  Flirting has an important role in any relationship. It especially comes in handy when you are out on a date with your lover.

Use flirt words when the mood is perfect and you want to let your date know that you are feeling the good vibes.   When used casually or otherwise, Spanish pick-up lines will ensure that you enjoy each other’s company more. They are also a good source of practice for your vocabulary and grammar.  Use these flirting lines to boost the good feels between you and your date and make lasting memories. Just make sure the timing is right, though.    Spanish: Eres linda English Translation: You’re cute  Common among dating couples, and is usually said by guys to their girlfriends.

   Spanish: Eres muy linda.  English Translation: You are very pretty. This is only used by guys.  Spanish: Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo. English Translation: You have the prettiest eyes in the entire world Used by guys to show they notice and adore their lady.   Spanish: Qué bonita sonrisa English Translation: What a beautiful smile This is mainly used by guys.

    Spanish: Tienes ojos muy bonitos. English Translation: You have beautiful eyes This is also common among young couples and it is mostly used by men.    Spanish: guapo esta noche/Te ves hermosa   English Translation: You look handsome/beautiful tonight Mostly used at the beginning of a date.    Spanish: Me gusta tu sonrisa English Translation: I like your smile  This is quite common among young couples.   Spanish Phrase: Desearía ser un joyero, así que apreciaría una joya como usted todos los días de mi vida.

   English Translation: I wish I were a jeweler so I would appreciate a gem like you every day of my life.  This can be best conveyed to your lover in the form of a message. It could be on a handwritten note or on a card that is delivered along with a bunch of flowers.     Spanish Phrase: Si tus ojos fueran las estrellas y tu boca el cálido y ventoso océano, me gustaría ser el horizonte para poder besarte.

  English Translation: If your eyes were the stars and your mouth the warm and breezy ocean, I would like to be the horizon so I can kiss you. This is also best conveyed as a hand delivered message or an SMS.   Spanish Phrase: Si besarte fuera un pecado, entonces felizmente marcharía a través del infierno.  English Translation: If kissing you were a sin, then I would happily march through hell. This is a more playful flirt that is best suited for when you’re out on a date with your love.   Spanish Phrase: Si solo las estrellas pudieran brillar la mitad de brillante que tus ojos.  English Translation: If only the stars could shine half as bright as your eyes.

 This is another flirt that would be excellent when sent as a message.    Spanish Phrase: Si el agua fuera belleza, serías el océano entero.  English Translation: If water were beauty, then you’d be the entire ocean. This too would be a good message for a hand delivered card or a text message.  Spanish Phrase: Tu me vuelves loco.

 English Translation: You drive me crazy. This is a rather playful card that should be sent as a text message.       Spanish Pet Names for Lovers  Everyone else calls your significant other either by their first or last birth name, so it naturally feels better to call them by a pet name so they know that they are special to you.   Here is a list to help you choose the best pet name for your love.

   Spanish Pet Names for Men  Pet Name: Pastelito English Translation: This translates into ‘pie’. This is an excellent choice if you already call your man other English versions of the pet name, such as sweetie, pie, etc.    Pet Name: Sol English Translation: This translates into sunshine.  This is mostly common among young lovers.    Pet Name: Papacito rico English Translation: A very handsome guy Although common among young couples, it can be a good fit even for more mature couples.   Pet Name: Principe Hermosa English Translation: Handsome prince.  This is used by younger ladies to show affection to their man.

    Pet Name: Tigre English Translation: Tiger.  This mainly used to express admiration.    Pet Name: Mi vida. English Translation: My life When a lady calls her man ‘my life’, it means that the man means everything to her.    Pet Name: Querido English Translation: Dear/darling This again shows how much they value the men in their lives.    Pet Name: Precioso Mío English Translation: My precious.  This pet name also shows how much the lady values the man.

    Pet Name: Maravilloso English Translation: Wonderful. This can also be used by a male to his female lover to mean gorgeous.    Pet Name: Marido  English Translation: Husband This is frequently used by married ladies.    Pet Name: Pedacito de Cielo English Translation: This is an affectionate pet name that translates into ‘little piece of heaven’.   Pet Name: Mi Media Naranja English Translation: My half orange Although this pet name translates directly into the English word ‘my half orange’, its English equivalent when used as a pet name is ‘my better half’.

    Pet Name: Mi Rey English Translation: This is used as an affectionate nickname to mean ‘my king’.    Pet Name: Lindo English Translation: Cute This is normally used by a young woman to refer to her young cute guy. The pet name usually portrays youth.    Pet Name: Tesoro English Translation: Treasure Female lovers use this to show that their man is valuable.    Pet Name: Mi Perrito English Translation: My puppy This nickname is mainly used when the lady also wants to add in a little humor.      Spanish Pet Names for Women  Pet Name: Nene English Translation: Baby Although more commonly used for young women, it can also be used for more mature ladies.    Pet Name: Angelito English Translation: Angel This is an excellent Spanish alternative if you are fond of calling your lady an ‘angel’.    Pet Name: Bella English Translation: Beauty Its meaning makes this pet name ideal for any lady of any age and in any kind of relationship.

    Pet Name: Corazón English Translation: ‘Heart’ Although this nickname translates directly into heart, its English equivalent in this context is ‘sweetheart’.     Pet Name: Mamacita rica English Translation: A very pretty or hot girl.  This is typically used for younger women.

   Pet Name: Cariño English Translation: Sweetie/sweetheart This nickname can also mean ‘love’ or ‘honey’. You can use this pet name as an alternative to the more common names.    Pet Name: Mi Reina English Translation: This translates into ‘my queen’. It is a cute way to call your lady. This pet name is more common among young couples.    Pet Name: Precioso Mío English Translation: My precious As its meaning suggests, you can use this pet name to show your girlfriend that you value her.   Pet Name: Amado English Translation: loved, beloved or darling This is a more romantic female pet name you can also use to show your romantic side even more.     Pet Name: Enamorado English Translation: Lover This is another pet name that is more commonly used in special occasions.

    Pet Name: Besos English Translation. Kisses Although this is not a very common pet name, you can become unique and call you lady besos.    Pet Name: Esposa English Translation: Wife This is a very fitting nickname for your lady if the two of you are married.    Pet Name: Mi Amor Bello English Translation: My beautiful love This is mostly used for special occasions. It is an excellent pet name for those special days when you want to let your lover know just how much she means to you.     Pet Name: Muñeca English Translation: Doll This pet name will also make the special lady in your life feel even more special.     Pet Name: Azúcar English Translation: Sugar This nickname is popular among all couples.

You can use this to show your girlfriend just how sweet she is.    Pet Name: Bombón English Translation: Chocolate You can add a little playfulness to your relationship with this cheeky nickname.    Pet Name: Bebé English Translation: Baby Just like ‘Nene’, this nickname also means baby. It is popular among many couples.     Pet Name: Osito English Translation: This pet name translates into ‘teddy bear’ or ‘cuddly’.    Pet Name: Mi Alma English Translation: My soul This pet name is also popular among many Latin couples.

    Pet Name: Rubia English Translation: Blonde Although this is often used as a pet name for women, it can also be used for blonde men. 


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