Sometimes achieving security of data across the internet.

Sometimes HTTP clients are insecure with their personal information such as user name, location, passwords, etc.

The data that is sent across is not at all secure. This meant that the data was accessible by anyone on that network, making it useless for sending confidential information.HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is used for achieving security of data across the internet. It is combination HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol.

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HTTP is not a secure protocol. So when users communicate across the network by using HTTP protocol, anyone  can eavesdrop communication between client and the web server easily. So if users want to transfer sensitive information across the internet, then this information needs to be secured and it should be accessible to authorized users only. For these purposes HTTPS is used.

Mainly HTTPS protocol is used in the following websites: Shopping Websites, Banking Websites, Payment Gateway, Login Pages, and Email Apps etc. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome also display a padlock icon in the address bar to visually indicate that a HTTPS connection is in effect.HTTPS protocol is used to provide secure connection between client and web server. HTTPS insert a layer of encryption/decryption between HTTP and TCP.

It is a Secure Sockets Layer  or Transport Layer Security (TLS).Both TLS and SSL protocols use asymmetric Public Key Infrastructure  system. An asymmetric system uses two ‘keys’ to encrypt communications, a ‘public’ key and a ‘private’ key. Anything encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted by the private key and vice-versa. The private key must be kept strictly protected and should only be accessible by the owner of the private key.  In the case of a website, the private key remains securely established on the web server.

On the other hand, the public key is distributed to anybody and everybody who need to  decrypt information that was encrypted with the private key.The SSL layer serves two main purposes Verifying that client browser is communicating to the authenticated server .  Ensuring that only server is able to read client’s data and only client is able to read data sent by server. HTTP protocol use port 80 for communication. HTTPS uses port 443 for communication.

In case of HTTP URL starts with http:// whereas in case of HTTPS URL starts with the https:// HTTP is unsecured whereas HTTPS is secured. In case of HTTP no certificates are used but in case of HTTPS certificates are used. In case of HTTP information is passed as a plain text across the network but in case of HTTPS data is encrypted.HTTP is useful when user is only intended to access the information from a given website. But it is not safe for the user to transfer his personal information using HTTP. HTTPS protocol is helpful for the users when users want to send their personal information across the internet. HTTPS is not unbreakable but it is still a robust way to send personal information across the internet. The main thing to remember is that HTTPS keeps data safe but it does not protect users or developers from database or XSS leaks.

HTTP protocol is used by the web browser to transmit and receive information on the internet. HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol and it is used for exchanging information between the web-server and client. Tim Berners-Lee initiated the development of HTTP protocol. HTTP is a strong supporter of the World Wide Web. This protocol is used for delivering virtually all files like image files, text files and video files etc. With the help of HTTP web-server communicate with the browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and internet Explorer etc. HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and it is used to establish secure connection across the internet. Communications between the client side browser and web-server is encrypted by a secure certificate known as an SSL.

This encryption of the information helps from preventing sniffing of the information by hackers.HTTP is application-level protocol for collaborative, distributed, hypermedia information systems. It is the data communication protocol used to establish communication between client and server. HTTP is the main protocol used by World Wide Web for communication.

HTTP defines how the messages are formatted and transmitted across the internet. HTTP protocol is based on client server model. A browser is like client because it is used to send request to server.

Server then sends the response back to the client. The default port for the server to listen for the request is 80. HTTP protocol is a request/response stateless protocol. Main function of HTTP is to transmit resources across the internet. A resource can be a file, a CGI script, or a document written in any available languages.

The format of the request and response message is very much similar. An HTTP request has mainly three parts: a) request line, b) HTTP header, and c) an optional HTTP body. An example of HTTP request is given below GET /xyz1.html HTTP/1.1 Means client is instructing the server to GET the xyz1.html file by using HTTP/1.1 protocol.

Next information needed by server is HTTP header. HTTP header contains the information about the request and information about the client such as browser type or connection information. Final part of the HTTP request is HTTP body which is optional. It is used when client want to transfer specific data to server 312. For example, when you enter a URL in your browser, this actually sends an HTTP command to the Web server directing it to fetch and transmit the requested Web page.HTTP is connectionless protocol.

It means client or a browser makes an HTTP request and then it disconnects from the server and waits for response from the server. The server after processing the request sends response back to the client.HTTP is media independent protocol means any type of data can be sent by HTTP.HTTP is stateless protocol. It means the server and client are in touch with each other only during current request.

Afterwards, both of them forget each other.


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