Some its quality and unique and it would

Some products would deemed as old and out of fashioned sales of the products would go down , customer now judge product by what people say rather than trying that product and see why its quality and unique and it would suit them this affects Lidl as they are working hard to satisfy people.

Increased pressure from competitors is a threat Lidl because Tesco, Asda, Morrison, Sainsbury and other big supermarket are always fighting to be on top always introducing something new to people so it interest them and bring them to their supermarket and build relationship. Intense competition can be good sometimes however it can also work against Lidl are successful and are expanding over Europe others looking to stop this domination by them and also battle with them to be lead in the market and have most of the market shares. This competition between them could result in profit margin going down and could work against Lidl which means they would need to change something and that would certainly increase costs.

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