Somatic destroy one section of the brain

Somatic nervous system neurones delivers and collect sensory and motor information. It controls the skeletal muscles that allow movement such as walking, eating, lifting hand up.

b. Autonomic nervous system is (self governing) system that deals with reflexes and automatic response. Parasympathetic nervous systems calms the body and the heartbeat down. Sympathetic stimulates the body, motivates an individual to respond quickly when there is a threat.

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One of the invasive techniques to study the brain function is to destroy one section of the brain and investigate to see any changes to the behaviour or capability. For example if the section of the brain that’s responsible of speech is damaged an individual could lose the capability of speaking normally.b) One of the non-invasive techniques is EEG: Electrodes is used to put on the head to identify a change in electrical activity in the brain.

EEG is highly effective non-invasive device. For example there is a specific task that gets recorded where the occipital lobe is and it is responsible for vision.


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