Social individuals, families, groups and communities to

Social work is a discipline, which is influenced by sociology. According to John J. Macionis and Ken Plummer, sociology is the systematic and critical study of society. It questions what people take for granted and look at the social world as a humanly produced. Social workers is a profession that is concerned with helping individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their collective well-being. The importance of sociology influence the base of social work by providing theoretical context or discipline.

As social workers, we converts theoretical knowledge into an applied form and provides practical solutions for social problems that exist within the society. The profession of social work apply social organization and interaction to improve social functioning within the society. Social work practice goal is to engendering progressive social change, improves social condition and to create a more humane delivery system and resolve problem with clients. It is an integral aspect of the social work profession to develop sociological imagination to perceive problems of vulnerable groups and individuals. However, it also allows social workers to distinguish between the individuals and the wider society, between the personal trouble of milieu and the public issues of the social structure.

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