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Social media is a leading cause of the number of suicidal deaths that are occurring; however, cyberbullying also plays a major role. Many researchers believe that “Middle school children who are victims of cyberbullying are almost twice as likely to attempt suicide.” (D. D. Luxton, J.

D. June, and J. M. Fairall, 2012). However, individuals who are over the ages of 11-14, are also likely to commit suicide when going through cyberbullying. To explore this view further, “In 2016, 17-year-old Felix Alexander took his own life. After his death, his mother Lucy wrote that the bullying “began with unkindness and social isolation and over the years with the advent of social media it became cruel and overwhelming”.

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” (The Guardian, 2017). This puts forward how social media is an expression of a society that is more concerned about the financial side of the business rather than the welfare of young people. So, back to the original question, do the benefits of social media outweigh the risks for young people today?


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