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Social media is defined as forms of electronic communication through which users creates online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other media content such as videos and photos. Because of the innovation blast, web-based social networking has turned into an essential piece of the present online life in type of different sites and applications.

Social isolation is a phenomenon which describes the concept of a person’s little to no contact with fellow beings and society. Isolation in more simple words means a person staying at home for most of his time with no communication with friends or family nor having any participation in the society.

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A good number of factors play their part in developing social isolation. Some people who may want to go out and interact with people and prohibited by feelings of depression or social calamity or even sadness. Regardless of their state any of these causes can prevent a person to form and maintain social interaction which results in loneliness. Social media use is perhaps a very significant tool of interaction especially for youth nowadays. Above all, social media usage plays a vital part in growth of today’s youth as they take this opportunity to interact with the world thus forming their virtual identities.

On the off chance that online networking gives a platform to correspondence with others, it likewise makes a few people disconnected because of constrained correspondence in their genuine living, numbness from the companions, tormenting, the dread of passing up a great opportunity and so on. Shockingly the portion that is most required with online networking is the young which implies that they are the one s who are well on the way to create psychological wellness issues. A man building up a psychological well-being issue in beginning periods of life generally then conveys it for the duration of his life which brings about sincerely exasperates life expectancy
Depression and social isolation is more significant in girls than boys because of the provoking thought of developing a virtual undefined identity, encountering diverse sexual opinions, and making vital decisions and rulings for perhaps the very first time in their lives which might affect them in one way or another, along with significant other modifications including physical, intellectual, hormonal and even emotional changes. They also need to keep a keen eye and have to be aware about their personal safety but even after all the precautions they still become the victim of sexual harassment which results in depression and low self esteem.

Causes and Effects
Researches show that there is a significant correlation between high social media usage and disintegrating mental health. Today’s youth is living and growing with a gigantic contact with multiple social media websites and applications. They are the ones with all the ‘digital literacy’ to which adults are only ‘naturalized citizens’.

Young minds are the ones that are active agents who can maneuver, alter, innovate, and even display new ideas through different communication mediums. The developmental changes in brain architecture and behavior which occurs in a young developing mind makes them even more adaptive to shifts in their environment, often leading to issues with emotional and behavioral criterions like loneliness and depression.

The main characteristics of the new generation’s culture are: independence, emotional and intellectual directness, liberty of expression and strong views, innovation, obsession with maturity, pleasure by the investigation, immediacy, authentication and trust. The mental limitations at the critical period of emerging adulthood can escort to lifelong disability by eroding the individual’s capability to develop socially, occupationally, and educationally.

The vast empire of social media is usually accepted with open arms because it represents an exciting opportunity for the youth to perform various social psychological functions including creation, experimentation and other risk-taking behaviors.
Facebook nowadays is the most idolized social networking site especially among the youth due to its user friendly functionality, the opportunity of developing and maintaining relations and an excuse for relaxation. According to a study students actually start their day by checking their Facebook first.

The youth today spend a huge chunk of their time online rather than focusing on society, family, school and work. Due to this huge amount of time being spent online, young minds tend to ignore their real life responsibilities which then negatively affect their lives and their relationships with families. Due to this overwhelming adaptation to the social network, people tend to keep distance from traditional social obligations, personal relations, and public zones.

Spending vast amounts of time on Social Networking Sites have resulted in down gradation of the academic performance of the students. Although students may develop a sense of connection with their peers via the social network, still this connection ironically provokes a sense or a feeling of social isolation. As teenagers get more and more hooked up to their modern gadgets, unsurprisingly they tend to present minimum attention towards family and its matters thus resulting in extremely unstable and weak emotional linkages.

Social media without a doubt aggravates narcissism. As people spend more and more time online especially on Facebook resulted in higher narcissism rates. Media has turned out to be crucial in deciding and shaping youth’s knowledge of their personalities.
A massive share of web clients in the United States for instance have no less than one web-based social networking account while those having accounts on one person to person communication destinations are additionally prone to have accounts on a wide range of interpersonal interaction locales. Different researches have shown that a male brain responds or adopts social media norms differently as compared to a female brain. Due to this human behavior towards social media a new medicinal term has been made out known as ‘Phantom vibration disorder’ which is characterized as apparent vibration from a mobile phone or a gadget that isn’t vibrating, has been accounted for to happen with expansive quantities of users.

The mobile devices and computer screens that are used to interact with the online world specifically social media, all have one thing in general that they emit high levels of blue light which is concealed within their glowing screens. This counterfeit light disturbs sound rest cycles. The evening time contact to counterfeit light upsets the body’s circadian beat, or the 24-hour natural clock that controls our rest cycle.

The modern computerized education controlled by today’s youth has offered control to kids in their relations with grown-ups and additionally autonomy on the planet. The young in cutting edge Pakistan are being disengaged from their fellows and families because of the time they spend on the web. This has rigid ramifications on the social estimations of the Pakistani culture. However connection with frail ties was not the standard anyplace in Pakistan. The idea of a popularity based Internet stage in a globalized world enables anybody to have a voice and to be heard as long as the client has some approach to be associated with the Internet.

Web-based social networking has additionally brought about online sexual exploitation among the adolescent. Provocation among acquaintances has turned out to be unlimited on account of the adolescent’s entrance to the cutting edge innovations. Same goes for tormenting, on the web. Offline bullying regularly increments in school however online badgering happens later and proceeds into secondary school.

Technological innovation has likewise brought about the development of perilous online conduct. Hence, not just the composition to repetitive material has been considered as a genuine hazard, yet in addition the cooperation and the office to wind up an individual from dubious online gatherings.

Age is not relevant in using these types of online sites. Majority of students are using latest technologies for their academic outcomes .Unexpectedly of this, modern innovations are cutting-off individuals from true real life social connections and making them socially separated.

Amusingly in the meantime another wonder has been watched called “Facebook Depression”. This wonder has been characterized as a mental issue which happens when the young invest an extraordinary measure of energy and time on social networking destinations, for example, Facebook, and after that outline indications of wretchedness. Further, it has been discovered that these young who are experiencing Facebook despondency are at a predominant risk for social segregation.

Social online-systems can control restraint, which is an essential strategy for keeping up social request and prosperity. Since individuals show a positive self-view to others on informal organizations, it quickly expands the confidence in clients who are centered upon dear companions. This leads them to display less discretion in the wake of perusing an interpersonal organization.

Web-based social networking is both shelter and bane at comparable. It encourages worldwide correspondence in seconds, associates disconnected territories with the development, and assumes a vital part in web based business and past all in the investment and democratization strategy. Be that as it may, in the meantime it influences us contrarily as well and influenced numerous adolescent grown-ups to go into detachment and misery These days, one clever tweet, one sharp blog entry, one destroying video, sent to several companions at the snap of a mouse-can heighten and do incomprehensible harm..

The long haul impacts of the online networking upheaval are not referred to yet neither on the general public all in all nor on the people. Subsequently, a nitty gritty reflection is mandatory. Since the impact of online networking is inconspicuous and creates after some time. Adrian C. Wilcox, a renowned web specialist recommends that “At last, the way you neutralize this is by raising your mindfulness. It’s not about don’t invest energy in Facebook or some other online networking stage, yet simply know about what it may do to you.”


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