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Social media has revolutionised the way we live such ascommunication, education, more connected to the world, gathering knowledge and entertainingourselves. Social media changes and influences all people in an exclusivemanner as social media has helped many people worldwide to connect orre-connect with each other.

Social media can be a new way of keeping in touchwith loved ones and everything or consolidation bonds between long-distancerelationships. The implication of using social media might improve pre-existingrelationships and enables join new faces, giving opportunities to sharecuriosity, passions and character. Additionally, people engaging on socialmedia networks is a new adventure, discovering a new place, where differentskills are need or wanted. However, form experience and seeing it for myself, peopleare habituated to social media that they are using it day and night, when yousee someone on their phones, there are most likely to be on social mediaplatforms, which have lead them to be unsocial in real life.

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Does social media ruin relationships? I choose this questionto see if social media is separating us form one another and changing ourpersonalities or the way we act after the use of social media e.g. behaviourschange. Social media can threat values of peoples lives and relationships e.

g.parents/children’s, boy/girlfriend and marriage as the problems between couplesand parents/children’s can increase and can ruin lives in ways we won’t believeit’s true. In addition, after the use of social media behaviour can be severelydamage real life relationships, especially a relationship between a parent anda child. On the contrary, overuse of social media platforms lacks nonverbalsigns e.

g. emotional gestures, touch, smile, eye contact and body language,social media becomes mutable to build interactive relationships, which willlead to break ups.  Additionally, socialmedia can ruin family relationships such as cousin, aunts or uncles of whatmight have happened on social media that can upset somebody’s feelings thefamily member more in real life.

Does social media ruin younger lives? I choose this questionto see if social media is ruining teens and will affect the new generation.Teenagers like myself these days are engaging with social media day and nightas social media allows us to communicate easily and effectively. Social mediaplatforms have made the world a smaller place for teenagers as it has the powerto open the world to its users. However, from experience social media at night candamaging sleep, therefore, social media at night can increase the risk ofanxiety, depression and extreme emotions.

Teenagers sitting with phones intheir hands day and night, tapping messages onto screens instead ofcommunicating with real people is affecting their learning skills and muchfewer time on socializing in person.  For my final chapter I’m going to be doing counter argumentsto my chapter 1 “Does social media ruin relationships and chapter 2 “Doessocial media ruin younger lives”. From my perspective, social media is thesuperlative way to educate people with entertainment as teenagers myself willgive ability to hone different skills that are important in the real world andgive us the skills to become more confident and independent. Furthermore,social media permits people to maintain relationships between friends, family,couples who are in long distance relationships can stay connected and be partof each other lives through social media platforms or make a new relationship.Social media for student like myself can help increase professional developmentopportunities as it will help us make real world connection between what we’relearning and future career paths.

On the other hand, some social mediaplatforms permit parents to look what their children are doing on social mediae.g. what pictures their liking, commenting and following.  


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