Smoking there are two competent solutions to the

SmokingThere are murderers in the streets that we see everyday but we don’t bother to call thepolice or do anything about it. The assassins are called smokers. I’m just a regular citizen that minds his own business in the city.

I don’t know about you but I think cars and factories create enough pollution for one city. Smoking pollutes the precious air around the city and damages the beautiful environment. The drug also wastes a huge sum of essential money, and is very lethal to your body. Even though this is a serious issue there are two competent solutions to the smoking problem. First, the government can pay the smokers a small amount of money every time they stop smoking. Second, instead of using smoking cigars, they can use vapes!To begin with, the sight of countless cigars lying around the street and sometimes even on gardens don’t look nice, and of course it harms the environment. How many times did you see a heap of cigars lying on the ground? Smoking is very harmful to the human body.

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In the US, smoking causes 1 in every 5 deaths every year. (Reiner) Smoking affects your circulatory system. When you smoke the poison from the tar makes your blood thicker, which increases the the chances of clot formation. (“How Smoking Affects Your Body”) The cigar also increases your heart rate and blood pressure, making the heart work harder than usual, which can cause heart attacks. (“How Smoking Affects Your Body”) Even the brain is affected by smoking. If you smoke you are increasing the chances of getting a stroke by 50%. (“How Smoking Affects Your Body”) You are doubling the risk of dying from a stroke! TheLee 1 good news is that if you stop smoking for 5 years the risk of stroke is reduced to the same as a non-smoker.

(“How Smoking Affects Your Body”) These are all of the symptoms of a smoker but there is even bad news for non-smokers though, because smoking causes harm to people that don’t even smoke at all. This is called, second hand smoking. Second hand smoking causes 50000 deaths in the US each year! (Reiner) The drug also wastes a huge sum of money.

Smoking causes $333 billion per year in health care expenses, and an average smoker in the US spends about $1500-$3300 every year! (Reiner)Now you might be thinking, “why don’t smokers stop smoking if they are so bad?” The answer is nicotine. We are all addicted to something. Think of one thing you are addicted to, now double the level of addiction, that’s how addictive nicotine is. Nicotine is a very addictive drug that cause the smokers to keep on smoking and makes it almost impossible for them to stop.

When you smoke a cigarette, nicotine is absorbed in your bloodstream at once, and reaches your brain in less than ten seconds. (Aspa) Once it reaches your brain, it causes a buzz of satisfaction. (Aspa) The feeling of satisfaction doesn’t last long though and makes you want to smoke again. (Aspa) Later you will build a high tolerance of nicotine and you will need to smoke more and more cigarettes to satisfy yourself.

(Aspa) This cycle repeats over and over, and soon you are addicted to nicotine. (Aspa) Some people get addicted more easily than others, and researches show that children are more sensitive to nicotine which makes it easier for them to get addicted. (Aspa) The younger you are the higher chance for you to get addicted. Research also shows that three out of four high schoolers that smoke become adult smokers when they grow up. (Aspa) Some symptoms that the smokers are going to feel if they stop smoking are anxiety, headaches, and even hunger.

(Aspa) It’s easy to get addicted to things like drugs, games, and food, but it is always hard to stop. Think of an addiction or a bad habit that you have. It’s not easy to break the bad habit, but if you stopLee 2 executing the habit for a long period of time then you have a high chance of breaking the habit for good. It is the same for smokers and their cigarettes.Fortunately, there are solutions to this drug addict problem. There are two ways to make the air great again.

The first solution is to award them every time they stop smoking. Think of a little child that has a bad habit. There are several solutions to fix the bad habit but one of them is called rewarding. A parent rewards the child every time he or she stops the habit and even awards the child when he or she does something good. We can use the same concept for the smokers to stop smoking. The average cost of a cigar box in the US is $6. Which means that an average smoker buys a box everyday according to the sum of money they spend a year. So if we pay the smokers about $3 every time they stop smoking, we can save about $1095 for every smoker per year! The plan to carry out this plan is very simple.

We can pay the police officers extra buck or two for them to keep an eye on the smokers to see if they purchase a cigar box or not. The plan is reliable and very effective. There is no way that a single smoker will buy several boxes for a group of smokers, so that they can smoke while earning money, because humans are honest. I am also certain that no one will become smokers so they can earn money, because that will hurt their reputation. Of course police officers missing a smoker purchasing a box is out of the question, because they have eagle eyes (you can see from how they award you with speeding tickets). The police officers won’t feel like they are getting overused and will be delighted to work more hours for a generous bonus. Another solution is using the new and improved cigars, vapes!”Vaping” is a term introduced by the electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) industry to refer to any electronic vaporizer, such as vapes. (“E-Cigarettes and Vape Pens”) Vapes heat a liquid into an aerosol that the user inhales.

The liquid usually has nicotine and flavoring in it, and other astonishing additives. (“Know the Risks: E-Cigarettes and YoungLee 3 People”) E-cigarettes was first invented by a person called Herbert Gilbert. (“Top 5 Extraordinary E-Cigarette Facts”) Vapes have a wide variety of tastes, unlike traditional cigars. (Marshall) From blueberry to marshmallow, vapes have all of the wonderful tastes known to man. Some people even insist that vaping is an art. One vaper claimed that “vape is a pure art form, there can be no convincing or explaining.” (Marshall) As mentioned before, electronic cigars have several enjoyable tastes.

Flavors range from fruits, such as peach, to candies. The wide variety of aroma would be welcomed even by second hand smokers because it smells so heavenly. A research team from University College London argues that vaping could save as many as 6000 lives per million smokers each year.

(Marshall) There is even a documentary about a surgeon that decided to open a vape store to help smokers stop smoking. (“E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – the Fifth Estate.”) In the documentary the surgeon states that smokers are members of the society and that people have no right to vilify them and say quit or die. (“E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – the Fifth Estate.”) Wow, vapes are also a lifesaver!All of these solutions are logical and is a very efficient way of solving the drug problem. These solutions will benefit non-smokers like you and me. Therefore no one should tell me that we can just ban cigarettes because it will be nonsense. It is preposterous that people think just banning cigarettes will improve the economy and save smokers’ lives.

We would save few billions of dollars per year but it will not decrease the amount of addicts. Banning cigars will just increase the number of illegal drug selling and the citizens of the US will have to live even more dishonestly then they ever did in their lives. I trust the honesty of the smokers of the world and I’m sure that they will stop smoking if they are given an award. Also, vapes have been shown to be more addictive than cigars, but if it makes the smokersLee 4stop, what can possibly be the problem? I don’t see any other solutions for smoking and I hope everybody that reads this proposal considers these solutions.


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