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Smart phones and Smart tablets are now becoming the most important thing in our daily life and it offers strong variety of applications for communication, entertainment, information and education purposes. It typically has touch screens, mobile internet via cellular networks or Wi-Fi. Also, communication is the important role why smart phones become indispensable to our lives that is very important to all individuals. There are many gadgets that can be used to communicate one another but the handiest and convenient are the smart phones and smart tablets. Aside from messaging and calling, it allows us to keep pictures that can be use as memories. We can search any information that we needed in just one click provided that we have an internet connection or data connection. It allows students to maintain a continuous connection without movements and distances interruption. We considered that smart phones and smart tablets are one of the most use communication gadgets used by the students. It is one of the hottest electronic gadgets that is highly demanded in today’s generation.
This study would like to recognize the effects of Smart phones and Smart tablets to the learning performance of the college students in the University of the Visayas-Mandaue. Through the help of these gadgets, students had done their projects or assignments faster and easily. They help us to connect each other, widen our knowledge by simply searching different information’s and gathered some reliable sources. The Smartphones are typically pocket-sized, have the ability to received messages, calls, or video calls and create text messages or can able to communicate through calling. For the students smart phones are not just a typical gadget, for them it is their best friend wherein they can rely almost everything. The Smart tablets is a gadget that provides you with a portable, lightweight platform through which you can read a book where it is a kind of application,watch a movie, listen to music and explore the Internet. It controls your experiences through a touch screen that provides an intuitive interface to technology, appealing to users young and old. From individual entertainment to family learning, smart tablet can put a world of enjoyment and convenience in your hands, especially if you take full advantage of its capabilities. The difference of the two gadget is that smartphones is handful and cannot be shared by anyone else while the smart tablet is not too handy and it can be shared by everyone else.
Smart phones and smart tablets are the most in demand gadgets these days. Electronic devices or gadgets are becoming lighter and smaller and in today’s modern era, mobility is the slogan. Gadgets have a remarkable advancements and mobile with internet connections that helps people give information in an instant.
A smartphone is a gadget that has a computing ability that make it closer to laptops and it is invented with an aim to have and receive calls, send messages and other unique features that helps people to communicate their love ones. Aside from that, smartphones provides access information to the learners that are relevant to their lesson. Laptop is a device to do almost anything with information. Smart tablet makes user available with enriched multimedia capabilities allowing users to enjoy video and audio files on a big screen normally around ten inches in size which is slightly smaller than a laptop, comes with a virtual keypad and is best for small typing tasks like sending mails. Smart tablets and smart phones are the portable gadget that has internet connection, with the advancement of technology. The differences are getting blurred and the latest gadgets like smart tablet and smart phone is much more powerful and are coming very close to the laptops. Though, smart tablet and smartphones have 3G connectivity and it is absent in laptops but, laptop is far better when it is about serious browsing and computing. To enjoy rich multimedia files or games the tablets makes marvelous choices which the best thing that makes laptop apart is it can be upgraded while this feature lacks in smart tablet and smartphone.
According to John Ireland (2014) mentioned that the advances of technology changes the study habits of the students. With the use of smartphones and smart tablets, students don’t need to jot down notes because through these gadgets they can take pictures what is written on board or in a book. Technology greatly affect the way teachers discusses their lessons, with the use of their smartphones and smart tablets they can easily send a file to their students through the group chats on the messenger. The file contains all the information of a certain topic, the only thing that the students will do is to study the content of the file. Through it, the teacher will not be having a hard time or takes a long time to discuss. All she needs to do is to clarify or explain the part of the topic which the students hardly understand and of course to have an oral examination in order to know if the students really read or study the file that is being sent to them. The students can easily get information with the use of their gadgets through the help of internet. So when the students read the file and if there’s a part that they don’t understand and can’t wait that their teacher will explain it to them they can do some research. With their smartphones and smart tablets, they can directly search on the google the information they need provided that they have an internet connection. Through smartphones and smart tablets , students can access to academic journal because they can already scan books in the internet, the museum have work available online and college library already has an online sites.
According to James Kendrick (2013) he highlighted that gadgets has improved a lot of those days and especially in the last ten years. As the years go through, the gadgets are also becoming more high-tech. Mobile gadgets such as smart phone and smart tablets have gotten smaller, more powerful and very useful. Now a days this gadgets become thinner and smaller as well. The more it becomes thinner and smaller it becomes more useful because of its features that are being used specifically by the students. We find gadgets everywhere and it plays great roles in the lives of the most everyone especially to the students. It is hard to find a person or a place that doesn’t use gadgets especially smart phones and smart tablets because these gadgets serves us our best friend, we can’t live a day without it. It seems like it is our other half. The availability of smart phones and smart tablets are quickly spreading throughout the world and making meaningful improvement in many lives because through it we can also find a job or we can apply for a job. We can also have an online business with the use of smart phones and smart tablet. Mobile technology in the form of smart phones and smart tablets is making our life easier and better than before. The time wherein smart tablets and smart phones are not yet invented, in order for us to communicate our loved ones in abroad or people who are far away from us we can write a letter and sent it in the post office where in it is there obligation to send those letters to the people but now we can easily communicate with the help of our smart phones and smart tablets we can in touch with our loved ones that we need to reach, we can just text them or call them to hear their voice.
The researcher’s accomplished what are the strategy to make life easy with the used of gadgets such as smart phones and smart tablets to make the project fast and convenient. We used also for our self-enjoyment like browsing videos, Facebook to become updated. Sometimes we can only sleep a short of time because we watch television after, we browse on our phones for several minutes before we go to sleep. We accept the reality that without these gadgets, our life won’t be easy especially now that we are student’s, these devices are very useful to us even sometimes that it can affects to our learning performance because we only rely on it. As observed by the researchers there are some students used it as one of their way of cheating during their examination that is actually affects students learning performance.
The researcher’s plan is to conduct a seminar to the college student’s how smart phones and smart tablets affect their learning performance. Through the help of our knowledge, experienced and reliable source may awaken their minds and impart some information how the gadgets affects their daily life and how it is useful to them. The researcher’s wants the college students to comprehend what would be the great impact if they only rely on these kinds of gadgets.


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