Smart credit card size with an embedded

Smart Card is a small plastic intelligent token embedded with an IC Chip that makes it ‘SMART’.Smart Cards provide computational capability along with memory capacity.Smart cards used by the with a Smart-Card Reader attachment to a personal computer to authenticate a user.

A smart card, a type of chip card is a plastic card embedded with a computer chip that stores and transacts data between users. The card data is transferred that is part of a computing system. Smart card-enhanced security systems are in use today throughout several key applications, including healthcare, banking, entertainment and transportation. To various degrees, all applications can benefit from the added features and security that smart cards provide. According to Dataquest, the worldwide smart card market will grow to 6.

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8 Billion units and $11 Billion by 2006. Introduction of smart card technology has found its way to a number of proprietary financial applications like credit/debit card transit application, Personal Identification card, loyalty card for purchasing applications..

.etc . that is used to paper covers smart card and mobile payment schemes that are available in the market.

A smart card,chip card or integrated circuit card is a credit card size with an embedded ingrted card The use of the smart card in the word high ended smart card like java card as SIM card, even mobile phone is also equipped with payment applications. The next section describes briefly about the existing payment schemes in market. Also we cover in brief the potential of mobile payment schemes in the coming years. In this final section gave a small survey result regarding the future of electronic payments.

Imagine the power of a computer ,the speed and security of electronic data ,and the freedom to carry that information anywhere on earth.suppose a compuer so small it fits inside a plasic card like the credit card you carry in you’re the smart card.It is believed that smart cards offer more security and confidentiality than the other kinds of information or transaction storage. Moreover, applications applied with smart card technologies are illustrated which demonstrate smart card is one of the best solutions to provide and enhance their system with security and integrity. The use of smart card in the computer application kinds of scheme to organise and access of multiple application smart card are discussed.

The first and second schemes are practical and workable on these days, and there is real applications developed using those models. For the third one, multiple independent applications in a single card, there is still a long way to go to make it becomes feasible because of several reasons.


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