Single both of them have different academic achievements.

Single Parent Children Behavior Is Different Than That Of Children With Both ParentsThe single parent nowadays has faced a lot of hardship and tough in the society. From the newspaper, there was a mother took the drug and abused her children in order to vent her anger out. Due to this circumstance, it leads the children who are born in the single parent family become rebellious. According to the 2016 census, 19.2% of all Canadian children live with single parents. Of these, 81.3% of these children live with their mothers and 18.7% live with their fathers.

Single parent children behavior is different than that of children with both parents because they lack finances, low self-esteem and most importantly both of them have different academic achievements. One of the reasons that cause the single parent children behavior is different is the lack of finances. Many parents who are raising children on their own may be limited on funds because they are living off of a single income. A lack of finances may mean that children are forced to miss out on participating in sports leagues or dance classes because the parent can’t afford the extra expense.

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Depending on the number of children who are in the home, it may be challenging to be able to afford new school clothes or tutoring lessons. The added stress of living paycheck to paycheck can put extra pressure on the parent, which can be easy to recognize for the children. Thus, the single parent cannot afford to let their children learn what they are interested to lead children in single-parent families to envy others.

Next, the single parents’ children behavior will become low self-esteem. Children get their sense of security in the home, which affects how they view themselves and the world around them. Due to the circumstances of their childhood, they may begin to have lower expectations of the world around them. They may not understand how to have a healthy marriage later in life if they never lived with their parents.

Their lack of self-esteem can also come from a place of not getting enough attention from their only parent, which can make it difficult to thrive both at home and in school. It can be easy for kids to feel lonely if they spend more time alone, which can make it challenging for them to learn how to socialize with other children. They may suffer from feeling abandoned by one of their parents and can have difficulty with connecting with other individuals due to a lack of confidence. If they feel like one of their parents doesn’t love them, they may not understand why someone else would see their value. In short, they have low self-confidence as they do not have a complete family and childhood lives.

Majority people think that the single parent children dislike studying. However, the single parent children can also score a stellar academic result instead. They will want to prove to themselves that they can also be at the top of the class and achieve a good result. By doing this, their parent will not worry about their academic results. Some of these children can even get the scholarships as they can obtain a good result in their examinations. In the other words, it is able to ease their parent’s burden as the single parent children. In brief, the single parent children can achieve a good result so that their parent will not worry about them.In conclusion, the single parent children will try to prove themselves although they have no a complete family.

Sometimes maybe they will have low self-confidence but they never let their parent down. The single parent children will be much more discipline if compared to both parents family.


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