Since it’s starting to affect humans on the

Since the 1950’s technology has been growing and becoming more advanced every day, before, cell phones, T.V’s, earphones, laptops, and tablets weren’t even mentioned in conversations. If needed to communicate with someone you had to be patient and wait to see them again if you were lucky. Now of days, with just a few taps on a screen, you can completely get to know someone. Zizek and Littman claim that it is impossible for technology to take over humanity, and robots taking over the world is all in movies.

However in some way technology already controls humanity today. Currently, everything is typed then sent through cell phones, no need for face to face conversations anymore. Why leave the comfort of your home for that, when you have a cell phone that can do it for you? Technology today, allows conversations to happen from two different parts of the world, it allows you to communicate with people you never met in your life before.

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Technology has made communication take a whole new level, so much that it’s starting to affect humans on the way they think now. When saying technology controls humanity, it’s not to be taken literal, with robots controlling human minds, obliterating everything, and wiping out humanity. However, technology makes humans minds get worse by being more addictive. Technology can be addictive to some individuals, where they can’t leave the house without their cell phone, and it can lead to a panic attack if their cell phones are not with them.

Technology mostly influences teenagers and young adults, however in today’s society children have become addicted. Kids rather have phones and tablets rather than dolls and trucks anymore. At such a young age technology slowly takes over kids social life. Kids don’t go outside with friends on the swings or slides, they sit and play games on apps. Nevertheless, games can be very addictive and cause some people to become lazy to do work, such as homework, or chores. Technology can be a distraction from responsibilities, and if technology continues to take over people’s lives, soon people won’t be able to think for themselves. Technology can possess people’s minds, influence the way they think, and their health can be at risk.

Technology is one of the reasons that in today’s society people suffer from tiredness, dizziness, depression, and weakness. When staring at a bright screen up close to your face watching videos for a long period of time, the screen light on your phone causes your eyes to strain. Over time, people’s eyesight starts to get worse and worse. But because technology is so addicting, even when people are aware of the damage, they simply do not care and continue to do it. Technology is taking over people’s lives little by little, the more technology advances the more humans will be affected by it. Technology has already taken over so many people’s jobs already. Machines are being built with now new technology, where a attendance is not needed by someone anymore.

When going to a grocery store, there’s no need to wait for a cashier to ring up your items. Now you can just go to self-checkout and do it yourself which can be a lot faster. It used to be someone’s job to deliver newspaper onto your driveway, but now you can read or watch the news all on your cell phone, T.V, or computer. There won’t be an end to technology, humans have goals and want to make everything they can better, and less work to do.

Society must learn how to embrace technology without allowing it to take over our lives.


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