Since is to be believed as a technological

Since its inception over a decade, biomedical engineering has travelled a long way in the industry.

The two giants of education and application from ages have been medicine and engineering and combining both of them would lead to kind of a subject very diversified in aspects and very yielding in result.In what is to be believed as a technological marvel to be witnessed in 21st century, biomedical engineering has a very vast role to play. This study requires very dedicated, talented and out of the box researchers in order to explore all the possibilities and is an always expanding field. Interlinking of medicine and engineering helps in the use of robots in the diagnosis and therapy of various diseases, use of software’s for understanding biological phenomenon and genetic engineering. Things like cloning, baby designing, and use of DNA to store information which were once a fantasy can now become reality with this branch of engineering and its not far away.

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The world looks in a whole new avatar once this industry kicks off and it should not be a surprise seeing many devices imparted in our body in distant future.As a proud citizen of this planet, one must play their part in taking our civilization forward and must be ready to exploit vast opportunities with subjects like these. People must make the best effort they could so as to increase awareness among masses about the existence of such a field.And should never alienate or criticise others for choosing fields like this just because it’s not much into practical application, as no one knows what future has in store for us and one day this study could rule over the entire industry.


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