Since I grasped the importance of mathematics in

Since the start of secondary school I have been drawn to art and design triggered by a research and development project in design technology. Through this project I grasped the importance of mathematics in art and design as well as simple shapes that play an imperative role within such structures. Therefore as my knowledge and interest of the working world increases, my attention has been drawn to such structures that represent affluence and wealth amongst the world economies. Hence I have chosen Architecture as my field of interest.

The summer of 2014 enabled me to undergo significant personal development and experience unique cultures as I participated in an expedition through China and cultural Tibet. Among the growing economy and constantly rising population, the severity of the pollution and housing crisis is a constant reminder of the similar problems that most world economies are battling as the world population grows. The income gap particularly in developing countries translates to extreme inequality, constantly reminded by the presence of squalid slums littered amongst the multi-million dollar skyscrapers. From an architectural perspective the lack of adequate housing for lower income households is a widespread problem. Thus a solution should be provided to allocate adequate housing with the necessities including an irrigation system, lighting and access to clean running water. Housing in poverty stricken areas is a keen interest for me and I hope to help augment this field after achieving the necessary qualifications. In addition to being educated on various cultures, leadership skills were refined through the course of the trip.

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The itinerary for the expedition was finalised collectively by the team, compromising to fit in visitations to various world heritage sites, the Great Wall of China and volunteering work in a local primary school as well as experiencing cultural Tibet and the native Nomad lifestyle. The Nomads educated us on farming techniques as well as sharing their environmentally sustainable lives and how they managed to co-exist so successfully within the Tibetan grasslands.My A level subjects have allowed me to improve numerous skills across a various fields. My ability to operate scientific apparatus safely and to a high degree of accuracy has been heightened by the presence of required practical skills in Biology. Consequently I have been able to become more methodical and meticulous in planning such procedures evaluating any possible errors that may arise as well as health and safety precautions. Current affairs and international news is an important part of Economics as it highlights the interaction between countries. As a result keeping up to date with global news has become routine.

My ability to solve problems and logical thinking has been boosted notably by progressing through the A-level maths syllabus. However due to illness my studies have been effected leading to hospitalisation when doctors identified gastric Polyps. Despite this my health is improving and I aim compensate for the time that I’ve lost out on my academic interests.My academic interests were also balanced by extracurricular activities including Judo, coaching and participation in numerous sports ranging from badminton to football.

However due to the medical reasons mentioned above I have had to take a temporary break from Judo but I am eager to return to the sport as my health improves. Despite this I have managed to hold two consecutive London Youth game titles and one British Schools Championship title during my career leading to an invitation to train with the GB training squad. I aim to represent the country at international level when I return to sport. I also coached Judo at my secondary school and sixth form allowing me to improve my communication, disciplinary and leadership skills. Moreover it enabled me to be empathetic to the students’ respective abilities allowing me to increase my emotional intelligence.


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