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Simple forms of advertising can be highly effective, low cost or even free. These might include simply putting a card up in your local newsagent’s window, creating a Facebook page and posting regular updates or starting a Twitter feed or paying for our lots to be featured in articles and newspapers in which many potential customers could see it, for our Car and Motorbike Auctions we also post to a classic car and motorcycles website which is free of charge.
Often meeting with potential customers is often the most effective way to promote the business. Networking can also generate sales however word of mouth is the best form of advertising but it is earned, not paid for. Satisfied customers can be the best advocates, which is why customers’ needs should be satisfied every time. Much will depend on the quality of the products or services. How we deal with customer enquiries or complaints can be just as important. Promoting any business involves some trial and error, this is why Dee Atkinson & Harrison need to put in place a system for measuring the success of the marketing methods, which could be as simple as asking each new customer how they heard of Dee Atkinson & Harrison.
Recommending different services which may be beneficial for the purchaser is encouraged in our business and in all businesses, this is because if the customers experience purchasing an item is a pleasant and efficient one then they are likely to return and part with their money. An example of this in Dee, Atkinson & Harrison is our shipping companies, we only pack and send small items that fit into a Jiffy bag so any larger items we recommend couriers such as InXpress whom are a local collecting agency with cheaper rates than, for example, using Mailboxes Etc.


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