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Sierra NottkeEnglishDecember 11 The Day has Come It was a day which woke me with excitement, my heart was beating fast and it felt as though the sunshine rays shining through my windows were bouncing off of me. This was the day I would be reunited with my long term boyfriend, who I had not seen in six months. I slung my legs over the bed, my head filled with thoughts of excitment and nerves running through my veins. I went into the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water to start my daily routine, although I hoped the water would also cool down my heated cheeks.

As I brushed my teeth and did my hair, I felt my hips swaying to the music filling the room and moved to the beat; happiness and excitement exuberating from me. I put on my makeup and looked at myself in the mirror; a face that would be as white as snow if not for the pink tint on my cheeks. A peach gloss swept over my lips and seemed to glow as much as the inside of me did.

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I picked out the perfect outfit for the day, one that would both impress and sweep him off his feet once again. I climbed into my car and began the long drive, heart pumping and anxiety flowing through my body. The mountains seemed to be a blur as my little gray Hyundai sped down the highway, either because of the speed of the car or because my mind was focused, yet swarmed with thoughts of him. I finally arrived at the city he was currently staying in, and parked outside his apartment as my shakey fingers sent him a text letting him know “I’m here”. I waited anxiously for a reply, and as I looked out my window I saw him standing there looking around for me. I quickly got out of my car and as he saw me, a grin stretched from ear to ear and his eyes crinkled.

As I ran up to him gleefully, he opened up his arms wide for me and as I lept into his sturdy arms. We laughed and held on tight, our hearts filled with joy, comfort, excitement and a warm love all at once.


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