Shrinking layer that was formed along side the

Shrinkingearth theoryRight before the earth was formed it wasa hot molten ball of rock.

That used to orbit around the sun. when the ballstarted to form which had a layer called the crust. The crust is the firstlayer that was formed along side the other layers before. We know that assomething cools it shrinks and that would mean that the crust would shrink andshrink and would form mountains. The theory was accepted by most scientists.The shrinking earth theory predicted themountains were to be placed and the height of these mountains would increaseeach year.

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Thegiants causeway:Myths: The myth that was proven to be at thattime was that a Scottish giant and a lone islander called Fin. The giant grabsa piece from the edge of the coast and he throws it in the river which then itwould form a pathway known as currently the giants causeway. The giantscauseways path is there to tell the Scottish giant to get lost.

When Finapproaches the Scottish giant he retreats as he is really scared of the giant,furthermore, the giant follows him because of his behaviour. Fin gets saved ashe imitates a baby role with his wife. The Scottish giant was really frightenedto see a giant baby so therefore runs way. He though that the baby was huge sohe left him alone.The science behind this theory was thatthe volcano was there and it spud out lots of magma which then cooled andhardened to form shapes and therefore the shape of the planet was born.TheContinental drift: originallythe continental drift was found by an astronomer and a meteorologist calledAlfred Wegener who thought of the idea of the continental drift.

He’s theorywas that the earths continents were all joined together like a jigsaw puzzle.He named this Pangea, this was because all of the edges of the continents werelooked like they could interlock each other to form a giant continent (Pangea).People believed this theory as It showed why they were similar fossils at thecoasts of continents.  There were alsorocks on the coast of the different continents which made sense that thoserocks would be joined together like a jigsaw puzzle.EvidenceScientists did not believe his theory asthey though that land bridges were the main cause of this from happening. Thebridge transported animals to different continents so therefore the fossilswere similar.Another reason why Wegener’s theory wasnot accepted was because he was a astronomer/meteorologist.

Scientists believedthat he was not intelligent enough to understand why this would have happened.This would have made errors.Scientists could also not measure thedistance moved by the tectonic plates as theory move like 1~2 inches every yearand over a period of time.However, he’s theory was later acceptedas scientists later found out that there was a magnetic field that was in theocean which caused it to move and they started to believe him.


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