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Should our country have free healthcare?
Healthcare is a treatment that is provided by a government to a country for physically and mentally ill to restoring health. Healthcare, which is pharmacy, nursing, medicine, dentistry, psychology, and physicians, divided into three type that is primary, secondary, and tertiary. Throughout the history, many people have been died because of lacking healthcare. People believe healthcare should not be free, but I argue that government should offer it for free because someone could not be able to buy it so that the rate of death and poverity would be increased.
It is essential for my country to provide free health care because we are a poor society. Our resident contains three classes which are upper, middle, and lower classes. Lower classes, who are poor, homelessness, and unemployment citizens, have been seen obviously more than others classes in my country. People of this class is suffering from lack of money so that they could not buy medicine when they are feeling sick. Thus, the government should take responsibility to provide free healthcare for all, especially lower class. Therefore, we can see clearly that many people are dying because they are not able to buy medicine. Offering health insurance system is an important and ultimate method to fix that problem because it helps people to get medical care and improves health. Also, medical bills are expensive in Kurdistan that not all people could buy, so by having health insurance patients could receive medicine for free. Annually, many people die because they could not even see doctors, and they do not have health insurance, so healthcare insurance is an appropriate way to decrease death rate. Eventually, every people deserve to live even they do not have money, so our country should have free healthcare.
It could reduce the rate of poverty. Poverty is a common phenomenon in Kurdistan that most people have been suffering from it, and health issues are a factor that people are in poverty. Making healthcare free is an appropriate way to end that issue. If we have health insurance, we could save money because we will not spend our money on buying medicine when we are sick. Moreover, Kurdistan weather is not stable and most of the food products are expired so that more than half of Kurdish folks are suffering from disease, so they have to exhaust their money to visit doctors and buying drugs and bills, then they will be poor, but if government provide them health insurance, they will use their money for other things. For example, my uncle was gotten cancer last year, and he did not have health insurance. He asked government to send him to an abroad, but they did not answer him, so he had decided to sell out his currency to go Europe for therapy, so now he is poor, and he does not even have a house to live in. In all, if government help people, country will be improved and poverty will be decreased.
To sum up, healthcare is an important thing to people because that is how people could survive. It’s government responsibility to provide citizens healthcare for free because we as citizens could be avoided poverty and death.


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