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Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Marijuana is the technical name for a natural plant known as cannabis. Most likely originating in Asia for its healing properties it was often used for serious amounts of pain and for anyone to reach “Euphoria.” Although this was not the main purpose of Cannabis, It played a huge role in textiles.

It contains a fiber that is known as hemp which is an extremely versatile fiber due to its ability to be crafted into numerous things such as oils, ropes, fabrics, and ship sails. This part of the plant is legalized throughout the world. Cannabis is a rapidly growing illegal drug, it’s users are growing exponentially showing how 70 million Americans have reportedly tried marijuana and 20 million have used it recreationally in the past year. Many people refer to cannabis as a miracle drug seeing as how it has tremendous healing properties and helps many different illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, anorexia, arthritis and chronic migraines.

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This drug has became very popular within the last several years and has been legalized in a number of states such as California, Oregon, Hawaii, Maine, Colorado and Washington. Crime rates in all of these said states have dropped, mainly recreational marijuana use as well as crime in general. The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 made the legalization of marijuana first legal in California in which it is now spreading rapidly. Looking for a loophole Dennis Peron (also launched proposition 215) opened a marijuana buyers club in San Francisco. This club was primarily to be used by people with serious illness that induced extreme amounts of pain. People could come to the club, buy, smoke, and relax pain free for the hours to come.

This club was seen as disorderly when the local police department started looking deeper seeing as how the Act stated nowhere that the use of marijuana should be used in a situation where it has the possibility to endanger others. The main concept behind marijuana is it’s medical/ healing properties. Although it is quite often used recreationally it still has the same properties.

It has been studied for many years and its origin was traced all the way back to Pen Tsao Ching in the first century where hemp was boiled and then made into an antiseptic. Although China was not the only place to use Cannabis in ancient times, it was also used throughout places in Cambodia where they would use it to heal migraines or remove pus from patients. The use of marijuana that we have today has changed in the way that we obtain said euphoria however it still embodies the same effects. Marijuana today is beginning to show itself as more prevalent in the medical field for all types of patients, recovering from AIDS, cancer, and other types of diseases that cause nausea and physical pain to the patient. It has been tested on many people and they have came back saying that the pain had subsided while using the drug and made them almost entirely the same as they were prior to illness. Scientists however are weary to study said substance because of legality reasons and being afraid of wasting time on a drug that they may not even be able to distribute yet. In a study by Francis Young, lawyer, he found that marijuana in its natural form is the safest therapeutic drug that could be administered due to its low health risks and danger to others. A study later showed that this was indeed true when scientists ran a test and found that the lethal dosage of marijuana is 1:20,000-40,000 as much cannabis that would be contained in a joint.

This roughly calculates to consuming 1,500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes before any lethal response could be seen. This puts marijuana being very well into the non-lethal state. Considering as how it is impossible to consume that much marijuana in such a short amount of time. Legalization campaigners have brought up several different interesting points such as the lowered amount of crime rates that have already proven to be true from data gathered in major cities who have introduced legalization. They have also brought up profits being cut completely from cannabis, meaning everybit that is sold yields no profit to the distributors. Also drug dealers of this drug would seemingly disappear due to the dispensaries being cheaper and safer to go to. Lowering crime further than before.

Legalizing cannabis raises many questions throughout America that seemingly could go either way depending on beliefs. Who would distribute the drug? Would private companies profit? Would the government control said dispensaries? Would healthcare be in the effect zone upon legalization? What does it do to insurance? The most debated upon question however would be who? Who could use this miracle drug? Since marijuana has the capability to remain in your system for weeks would it be prohibited in job areas, and what occupations would possibly allow it and would it be fair? We live in a land of the free. Possibly? Do we have the right to go and “get high” if certain medical illnesses promote it in treatment. This is a huge debate that has left a nation divided and caused protests over the entire country. Theoretically time should advance along with laws, we live in a society that is constantly evolving so why not resort to a safer and more beneficial way of thinking.


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