Should my stakeholders, experimenting new ideas, coaching and

Should examine the following features to find out whether an effective continuing professional development has taken place. Which are, built on my identified needs and requirements rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, relates to my presenting theory or subject specialism and the needs of my stakeholders, experimenting new ideas, coaching and mentoring from experienced colleagues and collaboration within the fellow members. We can take reflection as most important CPD reporting since it makes us think of our value of the work for our self, colleagues, clients and the wider community.
Through reflection I was able to meet positive as well as negative feedbacks regarding above mentioned features, my skills and my training session which took place.
Positive skills
• Positive attitude
• Strong work ethic
• Good communication
• Acting as a team player
• Ability to accept and learn
Negative skills
• Poor time management
• Avoiding direct contact
• Lack of presentation skills
These were the feedbacks that which I got among the team member. Overall, the session was a huge success and it was a wonderful learning experience. My whole training period has made me more confident about my skills. This made me understand the skills that should be improved in me.


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