Shapiro stated the governor’s relation to the film

Shapiro talks about a film by the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration that aims to address the epidemic surrounding opioids which includes both prescription opioids and heroin (2016, p. 1). The article states that the film, titled Chasing the Dragon, targets teenagers specially, contains testimonies from addicts who survived overdose, and is to be distributed by FBI and DEA to all their field offices in order to be used for educational purposes in classrooms nationwide (Shapiro, 2016, p. 1). Shapiro also presents the FBI’s concern over the shifting addiction from prescribed drugs to heroin and the increase of heroin abusers in the last few years (2016, p.

1). As Shapiro (2016) mentions in the article about the concern regarding drug addiction, the article provides information about the awareness of federal agencies and the steps they take in order to inform teenagers of drug addiction in the hopes of reducing and solving both opioid and heroin epidemics by convincing them of the detrimental effects of addiction (p. 1). The article also brings up Gov. Chris Christie and how she spoke about addiction as a health crisis (Shapiro, 2016, p.

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1). However, the author has not clearly stated the governor’s relation to the film of FBI and DEA and it seems irrelevant to mention her at all.


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