Selfies what the true definition of a selfie

Selfies Have been taken almost all over the world and have been taken by almost all our famous celebrities including                                        . Almost everyone who has a smartphone with a front facing camera has the power to take a selfie. Today I will be taking about this               including what the true definition of a selfie is, who really created it and all different types of accessories that help us get the perfect selfie.Subtopic #1:Before we see who first created the selfie we need to know what the true definition of a selfie is.

It specifically says in the oxford dictionary that a selfie is ” a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. The first known usage for the word selfie was by a young drunk Australian man at a friend’s 21st birthday. His name was         and it was taken in           . He tripped and fell down some stairs and cut his lip later taking a picture of himself “tagging” it with the word selfie.Subtopic#2: We all have wondered, who really created the selfie? It is said that the first selfie goes back all the way to 1839 by a photographer named Robert Cornelius.

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Roberts “selfie” was taken with a            camera and                                                      . This selfie had a very slow process and wasn’t the best quality. There also have been many claims that Vincent Van Gogh was the first to make the selfie, because of his stunning oil paintings.                                                                                      . Add moreThere are all different types of selfie accessories that help you get the perfect shot but today i’ll be telling you about a few that are the most popular an interesting. First of all we have all heard about the selfie stick.

The selfie stick is a long monopod that allows you to take pictures longer than your arms reach. Wayne Form created the selfie stick in 2005 and it was called the quikpod. There are all different types of quick pods that typically cost around 50$ to 60$ dollars.


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