Self-evaluation In the area of seeking improvement

Self-evaluation of progress towards learning plan and goals
Upon reflection of part one of the learning plan, I believe the strengths I have listed and the previous lessons learnt have provided me with the platform to successfully complete this unit under enormous pressures, which include preparing for and competing at the 2018 Paratriathlon World Championships as part of the qualification process for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. The time constraints of this event impacted my ability to devote substantial attention to this unit. But with my time-management, self-advocacy and pressure-handling skills I have been able to prepare as best as possible for each assessment and have passed all completed tasks to date.
In the area of seeking improvement I am confident that I have achieved the goals of separating credible literature from non-credible, which is reflected within both this portfolio and the revolutionary research proposal. I initially sought out advice from close friends who have completed Masters degrees and PhDs in Psychology and/or research projects whom educated me on how to read literature for credibility. This improvement is also reflected in part two of the learning plan where I selected a score of six for question two on the sliding scale, which I would now select a score of eight.
Through my role as an elite athlete I was able to practically apply past and present experiences to the learning process. Many of the theories and examples within the content was relevant to me such as, for example, the use of exercise to reduce anxiety and depression, and the theories on mindfulness and imaging, both of which I practice on a daily basis as part of my daily training environment.
Referring to my goals and aims within this unit listed in part three of the learning plan, I have achieved my short and mid term goals but, at the time of submitting the portfolio, may fall short of my long term goal of scoring a high distinction grade. Although I had high expectations of myself I am satisfied with the learning process and applied myself as best I could under duress. Furthermore I was able to achieve my goals by enforcing my aims which were to seek support and resources where need be in order to understand the content and to complete the unit without accessibility issues/disadvantages.


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