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Im not a kind of person who only live for future. The past is the thing encourage me a lot, support me to try new things that i have never done before. Although it’s a dull time, i really appreciate it.It was in secondary school that i had suffered from bullying, my classmate disrespected me […]

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Is for not as much as the

Is there ever been individual in your life that had enlivened you to accomplish something or just amazes you with their accomplishments? For me there is my educator Mr. Scott is simply the most spurred individual I know. Regardless of what comes in his direction, he vanquishes it, at that point proceeds onward to the […]

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Conclusion4: Android platform, and recognize the user’s activities

Conclusion4:”In this paper we have attempted to present the theory of hidden Markov models from the simplest concepts (discrete Markov chains) to the most sophisticated models (variable duration, continuous density models). It has been our purpose to focus on physical explanations of the basic mathematics; hence we have avoided long, drawn out proofs and/or derivations […]

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not found or cannot be

package Algo;import java.util.Scanner;import;import;import java.util.Arrays;public class SortCheck { public static void main(String args) { if ((args.length!=2) || (!args0.equals(“-i”))) { System.out.println(“Usage: java SortCheck -i “); System.exit(1); } String filePath = args1; Scanner sc = null; try { sc = new Scanner(new FileInputStream(filePath)); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { System.out.println(“File “+filePath+” not found or cannot be opened”); […]

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Dear can send my family whatever you

Dear husband, hope you having a good day. First, I will start by apologizing of saying anything disrespectful towards you.. I tell myself over and over again to be a respectful wife to you even when I know you are pushing my bottoms. B-cuz in the end, the outcomes of it only hunts me. That […]

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The than the first small trial suggested.

The ProblemIn years of reading the literature I’ve noticed that very promising results particularly from small clinical trials often don’t pan out when another trial is done to try to confirm the results. Often the treatment turns out to have value, but it often it is less than the first small trial suggested. This was […]

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History stays together. The earliest documented account

History of kites The oldest kite found was in china, about two or three thousand years ago. The earliest of kites were made of bamboo, paper and string to make sure the kite stays together. The earliest documented account was in 206B.C- 220A. D where a general flown a kite to calculate the distance of […]

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Numerical 1.Introduction The fractional integro-differential equations arise in

Numerical Solution for Fractional Integro-differential Equations Using Haar WaveletsA.Padmanabha Reddy1, Manjula S. H2. , C. Sateesha31,2,3Department of Studies in Mathematics, V. S. K. University, Ballari, Karnataka,India. Email:[email protected]: In this paper, we solved the fractional integro-differential equations using Haar wavelets. Many problems of science and engineering are modeling by the fractional integro-differential equations. For such problems […]

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According to this reading. Tan says, “I think

According to this reading. Tan says, “I think my mother’s English almost had an effect on limiting my possibilities in life”. In this phrase she means that her mother’s language could have affected her life, but why or how? It was because how people reacted to it, the way they distinguish or see regardless of […]

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Book Tales from the Not-so Graceful Ice Princess

Book name :The dork diaries -The skating sensation Author : Rachael Renee Russell . The dork diaries which is the fictional book of Rachael Renee Russell who written this book in a diary format with full of drawings , doodles and with the comical terms. It reflects her personal experience with her children .Though it […]

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