Gerodermia shoulder blades, Fallen arches, Malocclusion, Close-set eyes,

Gerodermia osteodysplastica is an extremely rare autosomal recessive connective tissue disorder that is within the classification of the cutis laxa syndrome. This disease in which the person has physical symptoms have deformities in skin, muscle tissue and bones. The dwarfism delays the progression of bones developing from skull to spine and one’s limbs This disorder […]

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Saja have magnets inside or generate magnetic

Saja Alharbi Electrical and Computer Department Effat University Jeddah, Saudi Arabia [email protected] Abstract Keywords Electromagnatic field MRI Maglev train. Introduction Magnetism is an invisible force that is present and considered now as one of an important part in our daily life. In fact , magnets have existed hundreds of thousands of years it was discovered […]

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Regan reaction. The ?H of an exothermic

Regan HarlackerDate: 3/28/17Chemistry-NLCCalculating EnthalpyBlake and JudeIntroductionEnthalpy is a thermodynamic quantity that represents the total heat content of a chemical system. It is the sum of internal energy and the product of the pressure and volume of a thermodynamic system. Enthalpy is generally abbreviated with an “H”. It has the dimensions of energy which is in […]

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Many the field of Archaeology in the

Many times, in Archaeology, sites of interest may be overlooked due to many reasons such as a lack of technology or environmental conditions. One technological tool that has helped revolutionize the way we interpret geography is a GIS predictive model. GIS, or Geographic Information System, is a tool that comprehends geography and makes decisions based […]

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Group the Applied Mathematics – application of math

Group 17-20 Leader: Esusan1 FSM-A Members: Deocareza Dela Cruz ErlanoNature of Mathematics Mathematics is in everything we do. We see it every day, we use it every day. It has an important part in our daily lives because we literally use it every single time, even when we are baking some goodies since we need […]

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High a heart attack, strokes, and finally it

High Blood Pressure High blood pressure, or hypertension, is an abnormal force exerted by the blood against blood vessel walls which causes many problems. This force will cause tragic incidents such as a heart attack, strokes, and finally it could lead to death. Additionally, a normal blood pressure which is considered healthy is 120/80. Blood […]

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Jazmine not explain what was going on

Jazmine CrumplerDr. BeckmanInformative Speech- Part 109-13-2018Deaf people and lack of interpretersIntroduction A. The lack of interpreters in the medical field has been a prevalent issue that deaf people struggle to overcome. 1.By understanding the hardship of deaf people, people will be aware and know the importance of interpreters. B. Deaf people and interpreters can be […]

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“A believe agricultural advancements could happen in the

“A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs.” This is said by Bernard Baruch. This quote states that a man who observes the future is called a speculator, but what if we could see the future? Many people have different ideas on what the future will look like. Some […]

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Optical band gap of Ni-doped Ag2S may be

Optical properties of Mg and Ni- doped Ag2S colloidal nanoparticles Jamil K. Salem1, Talaat M. Hammad2*, Aowda   M. Shallah2Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, P.O. Box 1277, Gaza, Palestine 2 Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, P.O. Box 1277, Gaza, PalestineAbstract:In this work we report optical properties of Mg and Ni- doped Ag2S […]

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Introduction: bacteria was being transformed with a gene

Introduction:In this lab experiment, E. coli bacteria was being transformed with a gene coding for green fluorescent protein, or GFP, in efforts to make the bacteria glow. The method used to transform the E. coli bacteria with the GFP gene was heat shock, the vector used was the pGLO plasmid, containing the GFP gene and […]

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