Schreck identified that the safety and crisis

Schreck & Miller (2003) mentioned that effective school safety addresses prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. School safety and crisis response occur on a continuum. Effective school safety programs begin by identifying potential areas of risk and implementing physical and psychological safety prevention measures. Emergency planning, response, and recovery should build upon these ongoing school safety and mental health services, and be relevant to the learning context. Krishna & Ashok (2000) have identified that the safety and crisis team should be fully engaged in reinforcing students’ positive behavior and good decision-making, helping teachers better recognize students in need, assessing at-risk students and providing appropriate interventions and referrals, and evaluating the effectiveness of ongoing safety efforts. Narindra;Dharmindra (2013) have added that crisis and emergency preparedness plans must be consistently reviewed and practiced, which is more easily facilitated by an actively engaged team that links the school to the broader community.


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