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Course / Kursus:B. SOCIAL WORK
Module Code / Kode:BSWP 321
Lecturer / Dosent:DR. J STEYTLER
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Signatures: S.M Mofokeng Date 07 August 2018

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Following the BSW General Assignment Instructions
REFERENCE: No Reference
REPORT NUMBER: Report Number One
DATE: 01 August 2018
The name of the group is the Anti – Bullying Programme and the name of the institution is Park Ridge Primary School
VENUE: Park Ridge Primary School( playgrounds)
TIME: 13:00 to 14:00
According to (Rivas and Toseland, 2014) the objectives of the first session are as follow:
Introductions (Purpose) to the group work process.

Finalization of objectives.

Establishing & finalizing Group norms.

The programme of the day will begin with the group members and student social workers finding a suitable space to hold their session in order to help the members to be in a comfortable space preferred or chosen by them. The worker will introduce herself by telling members her name and surname and the purpose of their meeting. The worker will then go through the contract with members to make sure that they understand what it is expected of them and asking the member to add some rules that they think are important to include inside the contract. The next activity will be asking members what they understand about Bullying.
NUMBER OF MEMBERS: There are four group members
Total membership = four (4)
Members absent = 0
Members resigned = 0
Members present= 4
Members new = 0
Name of the Student Social worker: S .M Mofokeng Student no: 25419099.

The student social worker visited Park Ridge Primary School where they conducted the first session of Anti – Bullying programme, this programme is running for eight weeks, and every week on Wednesday the worker will be covering a different topic which will form part of end goal which is making the group member bully free.

The worker prepared the first session by preparing the contract and the schedule outlining dates and time for contact sessions, each member received a copy of the contract and the schedule for all sessions. The student prepared the attendance register to allow members to sign it.

The student also prepared herself by writing down the group work process that assisted her to facilitate the session successful knowing exactly what to ask or share with members.

Beginning / skills /techniques used
The student social workers were introduced to their groups which are grade six (6) learners, the worker introduces herself asked the members where they will be comfortable to hold the meeting, the learners choose the playground. When they get to the playgrounds the worker gave members to introduce themselves and also share with the group what they like and don’t like skills used was open and closed questions.

UTILIZATION (skills and techniques)
The student social worker went through the contract with members allocated to her and used the skills of clarification and rephrasing to make members understand every sentence of the contract. The student also explained to members the importance of signing the contract.

Expressions skills
The worker utilized the expression skills to allow members to express their views on the topic introduced to them and also asked members to share their knowledge about Bullying.

Learners were given a chance to express their thoughts and feelings about bullying, members also had the opportunity to add the contract and establishing norms of the group.

Focusing skill
The student social worker used the focusing skill when members were going off the actual topic of the session, for example, one of members Than do mention that she is afraid of dogs and cats that we were still in the session discussing what they understand by the word bully.
The skills of questioning
The student used the skills of questioning when she was asking members to share their names and their age and hometown, during this session the worker also asked members what is their expectation about this programme? What do they want to learn about bullying?
In closing, the worker asked members what they have learned from the first session, and if they understood the meaning of bullying, the student used the skills of summarising to summarise what has been said from the beginning of the session till the end Toseland ; Rivas, 2014.

The growth of the group as a whole
This group work session is on the beginning phase of the vertical group work process, during these phase members maybe insecure, so the worker must introduce members, encourage them to share selected and relevant info with each other. The worker worked towards assisting members to feel like they are part of the group by making them feel comfortable by telling them that this is a closed group and every information shred in the group is confidential.
The student observed that members are comfortable around each other and since they are from one school and same class since it was the first session the worker. Introduced the programme to learners and explained clearly that the programme will run for 8 weeks and is aimed at building bully free.

= Student social worker /Leader
-2667002032000 = Male = Paballo
-2667008255000 = Female = Buhle, Thando and Bokamoso
————– = Weak communication
? = Poor communication
_______ = Good communication
10477583820 = Very good communication
The student social worker recognized that the interaction of the group was mostly directed towards the leader instead of members interacting with each other but it was because most of the session was spent discussing the norms and the contract and as well as providing feedback to answer the questions that were asked, and member Thando, Buhle and Paballo were most active communicators in this session Bokamoso was not communicating a lot.

The goals of the first session were:
Establishing norms
The worker asked members to introduce themselves and share with the rest of the groups the things that they like and don’t like. The student social worker went through the contract with members, which helped in setting norms of the group
Members have shown a bit of knowledge on the topic of Bullying.The overall session was a success as the student also asked members what they understood about the word bullying. Members showed that they understand what bullying is and also elaborated on some of the issues which influence other children to be the bully.
10.1 Individual members planning
The goals of the group work are suited for each individual in this group and by the end of the session, each member must have acquired helpful strategies and which they can be able to apply them in the real life scenario. The worker hand out copies of the schedule for each member to each member.

10.2 Administration matters
The group work sessions will be held at Park Ridge Primary School at playgrounds by the benches because that is where members feel comfortable. The worker used her notepad to write down all the important facts for the first session and gave members the contract furs and the schedule for the sessions.
To conclude members were excited that the group work programme is running for 8 weeks and explained that they cannot wait to get training about bullying. The first session went very well and learners need to prepare for the session since they have scheduled.
Student Social Worker Signature: S.M Mofokeng Date: 07/082018
Adlem, A.G. & Steyn, Y. (2016). Child-focused COP: Anti-Bullying Programme. NWU Vaal: Social work department.
Toseland, R.W. & Rivas, F.R. (2014). An introduction to group work practice. (7th Ed.). Boston: Pearson.


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