Scholarly as self-assured as opposed to doubtful. Bradstreet

Scholarly Article SummaryThe article “Anne Bradstreet’s Public Poetry and the Tradition of Humility” by Eileen Margerum elaborates how Anne Bradstreet poetry from the seventeenth-century has been interpreted in contemporary analysis. Anne Bradstreet who was a poet during the seventeenth-century was brought up in classical traditions and managed to create both private and public verses in her work. The author insists that during this time the success of a poet depended largely on their sentiments other than the application of the recommended formulae.Bradstreet’s poems may reflect a woman with creativity in a male-dominated world that would not allow women to express themselves confidently.

Also, through the strained tone of her public poems, many would deduce that she was fairly insecure in her role as poet traditionally dominated by men despite the notable confident voice in her private poems. As a norm in the Puritan tradition inclusion of humility in poetry was an obligation irrespective of what the person actual feelings were, which Bradstreet learned by reviewing the works of her predecessors. The author explains that an analysis of Bradstreet’s “The Quaternions” exposes her as self-assured as opposed to doubtful. Bradstreet managed to modify the language in her writings to mimic her feelings without altering the classical poetic formulae the reason they have been confused for what she felt.

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