Schizophrenia someone can know what you are

Schizophrenia disorder People that have schizophrenia disorder have lack of contact in the real world.

They get disturbed by thoughts, behaviour, and emotions. They also have a disorder in language and contact, changing subjects quickly, and difficult to understand. They may develop negative an effect like not showing emotions. Their emotions maybe obliterate or is improper. For example, if someone has passed away and that individual shows no remorse but rather shows laughter about the lost.

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Experiencing these things can affect a person’s social life and work. There are some symptoms of schizophrenia that knows as positive and negative symptoms. This symptom is known as a positive symptom. Delusions are where you feel like your thoughts are being stolen or believing someone can put thoughts in their head and believing someone can know what you are thinking and also believe feelings are controlled by others. Another is hallucinations and perception disorder and that is a negative symptom. People who have schizophrenia will generally note that the world looks unbelievable or different. They will experience hallucinations, like hearing that their thoughts are shared with someone, hearing voices or hearing someone talking on their behaviour.

Anhedonia is a symptom that is negative. An individual who has anhedonia experiences weakness, like having no interest in intercourse, incompetence to develop close relationships. Flat affect is a negative symptom where an individual who barely shows emotional expressions, for example, if a person hears good news or something exciting has happened and someone who has schizophrenia may not show facial expressions like to smile back and show any excitement in their voice about the news. Asociality is a negative symptom where an individual has a lack of incentive in social interactions have small interest to be near people or have fewer friends and have weak social skills. Alogia is a negative symptom.

People who have alogia experience lack of speech, for example, a reduction of speech giving empty replies, and who are mentally confused, these are people who suffer from dementia. Avolition is a negative symptom where a person lacks in energy, apathy, interest or unable to manage daily duties like hygiene. People with schizophrenia disregard their personal hygiene and cleaning. They find it hard to manage work and social life.


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