‘Schindlers savouir to over one thousand of Jews

‘Schindlers List’ Directed by Steven Speilberg is a extrodinary real life movie is based off some of the real and inhumane events of WW2. The film follows the true story of Oskar Schindler a money hungry, fallible and flawed man with only the concern of how much money he could make with this war, But then ends up becoming a savouir to over one thousand of Jews who would have perished without him he did this by spending his new made fortune on doing so purchasing these jews lives from the nazis. This film establishes running themes of cruelty, good vs evil,redemtion and identity. Oskar was a memorable character in the film for his panache, charisma and charm, he is a flawed man who develops his change in character throughout the film and the saving of many lives being a result of this.Oskar gradually becomes aware of the horror happening around him there is a recurring theme that one man can make a difference and the development of his character change supports this and emphasises this.Oskar Schindlers drastic character change is shown through the director Steven Spielbergs use of visual techniques(symbolism,colour,cinematography,editing,lighting) as well as sound and dialogue


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